Monday, August 23, 2010

Country Roads Take Me Home

So here I am. I'm "home" in West Virginia. I arrived yesterday (Sunday) around 2:30. I'm at my sister, Meredith's townhouse with her and my brother-in-law, Brent. They have opened their home to me and I feel right at home. They live in Charleston. It was a "quickish" 5 hour drive from my apartment in Raleigh. The drive was actually pretty good. I made sure I was prepared for all three of the toll booths. My family ALWAYS reminds me to have cash for the tolls after I traveled to WV two Thanksgivings ago with no cash. It's kind of a joke now. I didn't have a cent when I made it to the tolls and had to hand over my drivers license and get an IOU voucher. Not once, but three separate times! And, keep in mind this was Thanksgiving weekend and the traffic was NUTS. I'm sure me holding up the line didn't please too many folks! And the employees working the booths were not exactly cheerful to me. So yes, I had my money to get through the tolls. I also, really kept an eye on my speed. I'm a bit of a speed demon and the cops were out in full force. A speeding ticket is the last thing I need!

When I got to Meredith's house she was nowhere to be found! Her and Brent were out running errands. But, my mom was there and so we got to have some good "mother daughter" time to hang out! She had dropped my brother off at his school at Marshall University and stopped through to see me on her way back to Morgantown. It was great seeing her. It's also great seeing Meredith too. She looked so beautiful when she walked in her Sunday's best church clothes. I really missed her! I was especially looking forward to this trip because Meredith has the cutest Bishon Frise puppies I hadn't met yet. Their names are Armani and Versace. Take a look a some shots I snapped!

Meredith with Armani and Versace. She is a great mom to her pups!

The boys LOVE to lick!

Me with Armani.

It's fun being around her doggies because I'm such a cat person. I'm not used to being around such rambunctious animals. They are filled with so much life and ENERGY. I'm in total love with them. So overall, the first day of my family vacation has been great. My little sister, Dominique will be coming to Charleston on Wednesday to stay with me until Saturday when we'll make the 2 1/2 hour trek to my parent's house in Morgantown. I'm looking forward to it! I'll not only get to see my mom and dad, but also my sisters, Courtney and Shannon. It's sure to be a great time. I'll have lots more to share as the week moves on. I love my family! :0)

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