Monday, August 30, 2010

"Home Sweet Home"

I love being home. I really do. There is something so nice about spending time where I grew up with my mom and dad. I always regress a little, okay, who am I kidding, I regress a LOT when I'm "home." Whenever I hit my parent's neighborhood, Greystone, I always feel nostalgic and think back to the many times I drove that road and pulled up to their house. It's comforting! Living in NC, I don't see hills and green landscaping like I do in WV. West Virginia is such a beautiful state.

I've enjoyed spending time with my mom and dad, as well as my sister's Shannon, Courtney, and of course my little sis, Dominique. It's normal for me to have a libation (my dad's verbiage) with my dad when I come home. So when I got into town Friday night, my dad, little sis, and I had some family talk over a couple drinks at the Lakehouse. Then once we got home, of course my dad stuffed me full of sweets! If you haven't tried the new Reese's Klondike bars then you had better! So good!!! :)

Saturday afternoon, my mom and sister, Courtney went out shopping, so Dad took Dom and I out to lunch at Red Lobster. I haven't eaten there in years! Good food and conversation. Only thing I missed was the sweet tea. :-/ Oh well, what am I gonna do about it?! I made plans with my oldest sister Shannon to have dinner that night and hit the town. So that night, Shannon, Courtney and I went out for dinner, and later for a drink.

Shannon and I at Muriale's

Sister <3

Courtney and Dominique

My sister, Courtney has been fighting a sickness so she opted out of going to the Vintage Room for a drink. After we dropped her off, we stopped at Shannon's townhouse for a few. I love going to her house. It always smells like cinnamon and feels so cozy. Below are pictures from Shannon's townhouse and the from the Vintage Room.

Pretty Sisters!

Just a quick pic!

I actually felt old compared to my sister Shannon who is 8 years older than me. I was yawning and ready for bed at 11:30. Shannon wasn't the least bit sleepy. My question of the night was, "When did I become such an old soul?!" Oh well, I'll blame it on the fact that I was going to church the next day.....even though it was the 11:00 AM service. hehe.....

This afternoon was relaxing. Courtney made lunch for the family and we all had a chance to just hang out. Later Dominique and I went out to her favorite sushi restaurant Agawa, and then met up with my dad for about an hour. It's been a great trip so far. I'm sad it's coming to a close. But it's not over yet! I still have to have lunch with an old friend and meet my little brother in Huntington Tuesday evening for dinner. One thing I can say for sure about this trip is I have definitely eaten well! :) I'm going on a major diet when I get home. But that's a whole other blog! In the meantime, check out these pics! :)

Best dad! :)

Dom loves the LOVE roll. Not a "first date" roll. Not exactly sure how you would eat this lady-like?

Green Tea.

Cheryl--mom :)

Oh my gosh I love them so much!!

My little brother attends Marshall University. He was recently sworn in as a member of the Marshall University Board of Governors . He's the handsome one on the far left. :)

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