Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good Times! :D

I've been in West Virginia for a week now. My days have been packed full of family and I'm grateful for it too. I'm really fortunate to be blessed with the family I have. Sure, all families have their issues and drama, but I am so lucky to have 5 sisters: Shannon, Jaclyn, Meredith, Courtney, and Dominique, my amazing little brother, Roy (he goes by Edward to those not family, but I just can't break the habit and call him Edward too), and of course my mom and dad, Roy and Cheryl.

Since I last blogged, I've left Charleston and journeyed 2 1/2 hours to my parents home in Morgantown. I left Charleston Friday evening, but not before spending some Q.T. time with two great friends Billy and Travis, and my sisters Meredith and Dominique. Dominique came into town Tuesday evening with Billy and Travis. They had returned home from a beach/camping trip in Maryland. I was looking forward to seeing the guys and also Dominique, none of which I had seen since Christmas. On Wednesday, I headed over to Bill and Travis's place to have lunch with them and my little sister, Dominique. It was the first I had been to their apartment which is about 3 times bigger than my apt in Raleigh and a heck of a lot cheaper! After getting the grand tour ;) we walked over to a favorite restaurant The Bluegrass Kitchen. Lunch was filled with laughs and plenty of silliness! Check out some pics!

Dominique and I taking a quick pic before heading out the door for lunch.

Billy weighs like 5 lbs according to Dominique.

Travis and Billy at Bluegrass Kitchen. They have been together for 5 years.


After lunch we all went back to Bill and Trav's and hung out. It had been so long since we just sat around and laughed. I have really good memories hanging out at Billy's old apartment on South High Street in Morgantown back in 2005. It was just like old times! I love my friends. So after a few hours Dominique and I took off to hit the mall and then to head over to Meredith's house since Dominique hadn't seen Meredith yet.

Later in the evening, Dominique and I had dinner together at Leonoro's. Dominique and I were of course loud and rowdy, and I told our server it was our first date! Haha.....sick Ash/Dom humor! The rest of the night was spent at The Red Carpet bar with Billy and Travis drinking cheap buckets of Pabst Blue Ribbon. It was far from "red carpet" glamor, but we had a great time! I didn't get to bed until after 3am. It was a lot of fun! Billy and Travis tell the best stories. They could have you rolling on the floor telling a story about a sock. :)


Billy and Dominique

I love my Travy!

Pretty ladies!

On Thursday, Meredith, Dominique, and I went to Beau Tea Full Moments Tea Room for high tea. Wow, talk about a great time! I loved every minute of it! My sister Meredith treated Dominique and me. Meredith has a heart of gold. I have never done high tea before. Check out the photos.

Dominique, Me, and Meredith

Would you like a spot of tea?

Dessert time!

The food was so yummy!

The tea room was super cute!

best sisters!

On Friday Dominique and I left Charleston and headed up to Morgantown for more family adventures. More on that later!! :0) But first, a few extra pics from Charleston!

Waiting on our Starbucks treat.

Dominique with Armani

One last picture with Bill and Trav.

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