Friday, December 24, 2010

How are you??!!

Well HELLO there!! Holy cow it's been MONTHS since I blogged. I guess there's been so much going on I haven't had much time to write. Oh please, I'm just lazy and at one point I forgot I even had a blog!! YIKES!

So...what I'm going to do is just highlight some key events that have gone on in the past months. Of course this will be done with picture...because I LOVE pictures!!! So...let the fun begin! :)

On September 11th, my sweet friend Andrea was married in Beckeley, WV. Anna B. and I were lucky enough to join in the fun!

This was how the guest's signed their "guest book." Everyone stamped their thumb print. Super creative!

Pictures of the bride and groom as kids.
The bride!! Andrea looked BEAUTIFUL!!
Anna B., Andrea, and myself. SMILE!
They had a cupcake cake...Andrea baked them herself!

On September 17th, Jenn and I met Nicholas Sparks and had our copy of his new book Safe Haven autographed. It was actually pretty exciting to meet him.

Jenn and I waiting in line to meet Sparks!
Almost there!
Nicholas Sparks and ME!!!!

Angie, Jenn, Rebekah, and I went to see Sugarland on October 2nd. We had a blast!!! :)

Ang and I
Jenn and me
Rebekah and I got a quick pic together making our way to the lawn.
Jenn, Angie, and me
Coors light and a Monster energy drink. We're ready to roll!!

Angie and I ran the Eve Carson 5k together on November 6th. We ran it together last year too. We ROCKED this race!!!! And over 27,000 was raised in Eve's honor. :)

Hanging out inside stretching. Not only was it FREEZING, but it was raining too!

Ready to run the race!
We finished and did awesome!!
I love that Ang and I were able to be apart of such a great thing.
I stepped in a mud puddle on our way to the starting line.

Jenn and her boyfriend Josh and Jeff and I went out for dinner and drinks on Halloween. Later, Tim met up with us and I stole part of his costume. Gotta love the hat and shades!!

Jenn's boyfriend paid for their dinner at Five Star with a hundy. Us poor school teachers don't often have the luxury of holding a 100 dollar bill. I had to live the moment and freeze it in time with a quick snap!

Jenn posed too!
At the Big Easy.

Hahaha. :) :) :)

Well there you have it!!!! That's what I've been up to!!! Next up on the blog...CHRISTMAS!!! See you then!

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