Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well it's here, Christmas Day, 2010. I hope you are all enjoying your day as much as I am. It's been a great morning! Lots of gifts left by Santa and a whole lot of love in our hearts. Christmas at the Pride house has always been so much fun! When we were kids it was always so exciting at Christmas. 7 children excitedly opening stockings and playing with all of our toys. In my family Santa displays our gifts. All of our gifts are left in nice little displays; each display personalized by the different personalities of 6 girls and 1 boy. As I've gotten older, and became a teacher, it's not hard to find my gifts. This year it was the Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends book and the 4 packs of sillybandz that hinted to me that the display under the tree was intended for me. Besides the book of poetry and bracelets, Santa left me lots of jewelery. I received a pair of silver Swarovski earrings, a pair of gold earrings and hoop necklace from Tori Spelling's collection, lots of other cute silver and gold costume jewelry, and my FAVORITE gift this year is a trinity cross that is three pieces that links perfectly into a BEAUTIFUL cross. I also received some food storage containers, rocket grill, Coach key chain, makeup with brushes, jewelry case, and a few other goodies. All in all, Santa was very good to me!! :) :) :) Here are a few pictures of my gifts:

LOTS of jewelry!!! I love everything I received!

Here are a few other pictures from Christmas morning:

Meredith and Brent with their Christmas pups!
My mom liked her fleece jacket. It was too big though. :(
Savannah is the fattest cat ever!!!!
Pretty Meredith. :)
The sunlamp Santa brought Dominique to help her through those dark Alaskan winters.
Gotta love the pups!

Christmas day was a complete success! But in my family, we love Christmas Eve best. We always have a light dinner and tasty hor d'oeuvres, including my mom's famous holiday dip! YUM!!!! After we eat, we usually go to Christmas Eve service. Christmas Eve service was great this year. I just love singing my heart out to Christmas carols! :) After church it's time to open sibling gifts!!! We draw names at Thanksgiving and then buy a gift for 50 dollars. Even though we're supposed to only buy for that one sibling, we always seem to get a little something for everyone. This year I had Meredith for the exchange. I bought her some jewelery and I made her a scrap book on She's had a rough year with her health, so the book was really appropriate for her. She cried and so did we when she looked through it.

Meredith's bling bling ring from me!

I bought her an angel pin.

I loved this necklace and I knew she would too!

When she first saw the book. By far the best gift of 2010 in the Pride family.

Meredith is still teary eyed!

Here are a few more pics from the Christmas Eve sibling gift exchange:

It's almost time to open!!! Take note of the FANTASTICAL leg lamp. Surely, you've seen the Christmas Story!! :)

Dominique and Courtney

brother and sister----so silly!

They're all MINE!

Roy and Dominique

Mom opening a couple gifts.

The pups loved their gifts.

Shannon bought Dominique Flower Bomb perfume.

I bought Courtney (Lulu) a little something...a lovely sister picture. :)

Roy bought Dominique some UAF (University of Alaska at Fairbanks) and Marshall University alumna gear. She holding up two fingers to show she has two degrees.

Courtney's gag gift = 72 rolls of toilet paper.

Courtney bought me a cute headband and Dominique bought me a handmade ribbon necklace in Alaska.

Gotta rock out the UAF sweatshirt!!!

My brother bought me some Alaskan Scrimshaw earrings on ancient ivory. Scrimshaw means etched bone.

Shannon loved her wine basket from Meredith. I did too!!! :)

Christmas, 2010 was a HUGE success!!! The best gift I got this year is the gift of family. I am so blessed to have this crazy lil' family of mine!!! Merry Christmas!! :) :) :)

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