Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday is connected to Friday!

Wow. this week has been exhausting! I have been drained by 3:00 everyday. It probably has something to do with staying up so late. Oh, and napping hasn't helped either. Especially when you lay down for a "quick' nap at 6:30 at night and wake up at 9pm. Oops! It has gone by pretty quickly though. I've had to something do everyday after school this week. Monday--meeting, Tuesday--I worked the after school program until 6, Wednesday--literacy workshop until 5:00, Thursday (today)--4pm doctor appointment. These busy afternoons have made it impossible to get any work done in my classroom and have prevented me from spending anytime with Jeff. Glad tomorrow is Friday, but not really looking forward to working late to get all my planning completed for next week.

Even though it has been a busy week, it's really been a pretty good first week of 2011. I launched a brand new literacy program in my class this week called the Daily 5. I absolutely LOVE this program so far! The 5 in Daily 5 represents the 5 components of the program. They are: 1. read to self 2. read to someone 3. listen to reading 4. work on writing and 5. word work. What is so amazing about this program is not only does it cut out busy work for the kids, it allows the kids to be responsible for their own learning. After each of the five components are modeled, modeled, and modeled some more, the kids work on "building their stamina." Their ultimate goal is to be able to do all 5 parts in 20 minute rounds without any help from the teacher. While the kids are working the teacher is meeting with kid(s) on different areas of instruction. This program allows me way more time to work with a single student/small group. And what is great about it is once the children truly understand and have mastered each of the 5 components, they do them without my help!!! I will no longer have to frequently worry about kids coming up to me to ask questions while I'm at the guided reading table with other kids. Nor will I have to continually monitor the class to make sure the kids are on-task. They'll already know what to do!!! :) The kids are loving it too. They also really love the fact that this replaces centers and all the weekly worksheets they were rushing to finish by Friday. God Bless the Daily 5!!! :) I've been excited all week long teaching this to the kids. And I know that the kids are totally feeding off my excitement! We've made it through 2 of the 5 elements so far. I'm hoping to introduce the other 3 next week. We shall see!!

This week I also finally figured out what was going on with my cat, Ceci. Poor girl has a raging bladder infection. She's been peeing all over my area rug in my living room for months now. I thought is was a behavior thing because she would do it when I was away for longer periods of time. When I was home she would use her box with no problem. The vet explained that she was in a lot of pain and was most likely associating her litter box with pain so she would go other places. It was also shared that she was probably using her box when I was home more often because me being with her is comforting to her. Poor girl. As I type this blog, C is snoozing beside me on the couch. So sweet! She also has some nasty dermatitis which has resulted in a blister under her chin from scratching, and a bald spot on her tail from excessive licking. I thought she had somehow gotten flees so I treated her for that. I feel pretty bad for not taking her to the vet sooner. Just knowing that her bladder infection was so severe makes me feel just awful. She must have been miserable. Fortunately, she is on steroids for her skin allergies and a three week antibiotic for her infection. I hope when I take her back to the vet in a few weeks it's all cleared up. I also hope it doesn't cost me another $345!! EEK!

This is my Ceci girl playing with one of her favorite toys. :)

After my doctor appointment today, I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up the final three items I needed for my Ultimate Cleanse (aka lemonade diet) I had to get the herbal tea that I'll be drinking every evening for 10 days, as well as the lemons and cayenne pepper. I'm glad to report I was able to get all my products organic for the cleanse. My organic grade b maple syrup came in the mail yesterday, as well as the sea salt. My apartment rental office must think I shop all the time because over the past couple of weeks I have been getting lots of packages through Amazon. I'll have another package tomorrow too. Not for the diet though. I ordered K cups for my Keurig coffee machine. I tell you that Amazon is dangerous!!! Tomorrow night I'll officially begin my diet. I'm a little nervous! No solid food for 10 days. No coffee either! Ahhhhh!!!! One promise I have made to myself is to not be a big grump to my students. I know I am going to be pretty irritable, but still, I'll need to still be nice Ms. Pride to all! I'll be blogging over the next 10 days, so we'll see how I do!!!! :) I'm excited!!!

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