Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well Hello there 2011! :)

Happy New Year!! 2011 is here in full force and there's no looking back. Boy am I glad 2010 is OVER! What a crummy year that was for me! Last night after I got home from the acorn drop (Yup, I gave in and headed downtown with Jeff) and was thinking of the past year, I definitely had more negatives than positives in 2010. You're probably wondering what these negatives are. Wellllll, I guess I can share some of them.
1) My 31 y.o. sister has continued to suffer with her failing health. :( This is the worst thing about my 2010.
2) I gained, oh say, 20 lbs. :(
3) I pretty much stopped working out. :(
4) I only ran two 5ks in 2010. Blah!
5) I regressed in my spending habits.
6) My relationship with J was up and down and down and down....YIKES!

OKAY, OKAY......I have to STOP!!! Now you can see why 2010 was a down in the dumps year for me!!!!

Now that 2010 is behind me I can start over and work towards a better Ashley Brooke Pride! :D

So, before sharing my resolutions, I'll share my New Years Eve night. :) The night started off AWESOME!!! Jeff, Alek, and I headed to Boylan Bridge Pub for dinner. Oh my gosh, this place is really GOOD! I definitely recommend that you eat there. We had a groupon which included a 6 beer flight so we got to test out some of their beer. After a taste of each, I settled on a pint of the must have Pullman Porter and J had a pint of Bruno Bitter. The environment of the restaurant was super chill and just a whole lot of fun!! The food was GREAT and my after dinner margarita purified cocktail was totally worth the 10 bucks!! It's probably a good thing it was 10 dollars because it prevented me from a 2nd!! :) After dinner we all headed to Fayetteville Street for the New Years festivities. There was a whole lot of people and lots of food vendors. We walked down the street, grabbed a couple milkshakes from Chic-fil-A (gee, wonder how I gained so much weight?? hmmm...) and just took in the scenery. We really didn't see much to be honest. The highlight of the night was watching Alek ice skate for an hour and a half. I was ready to go home at 9:15, but the boys wouldn't allow it. :) So as it got closer to 12:00 we did our best to find a spot to watch the acron drop and the fireworks show. By 11:30 it was so crowded, I was feeling a little claustrophobic, AND it was cold. Finally, midnight rolled around and we saw what we came for. The acorn drop was kind of a snoozer, but the fireworks were really nice! I wonder how much a fireworks display costs?? Hmmm.....

Anyway, after the show was over, we headed back to my place. I was more than ready for sleep when I crawled into my bed. And I for certain LOVED sleeping until 10 today. It's going to be tough getting up early again when I head back to work on Monday. Man, where has the break gone? Oh well, 6 more weeks and I track out!! But who's keeping track?? :)

Now to the resolutions!! I've been pretty much keeping a mental list of my resolutions for the past several days. I've even created a couple action steps. :) So here you go....oh, don't judge please!!! :) 'Cause you know, resolutions are things we want to change and are NEGATIVES we want to turn to POSITIVES!!

1) Be a better Christian---Action step 1: I signed up for the 25 week I.D. class at my church. This focuses on giving one a strong Christian foundation and helps create and cultivate a relationship with J.C. Action step 2: Pray more!!!
2) Stop the cursing!!!!! You wouldn't think a teacher could have a potty mouth, but I kinda do. This was a resolution of mine last year and although I have cut back on the trash mouth, it still rears its ugly head...especially when I'm mad! Action step: none...any suggestions???
3) GET IN SHAPE..again--Action Step 1: print out the YMCA workout schedule so I can actually see what the classes are instead of looking online here and there when I remember. Action step 2: Chapel Hill 10 miler, 4/9/11. Oh yeah!!!! Nothing like 10 weeks of training, 6 days a week to run a 15k. I am sooooooooo excited about this. Action step 3: Buy a new pair of sneaks b/c my other 2 pairs are no good!!!!!!
4)Communication in a relationship--Action step 1: TALK and share your would think this would be a no brainer, but I need a some help in this department.
5) Pay down my debt--Action step 1: No impulse buying!! Action step 2: Larger monthly payments on my Mastercard.

So there you have it. I have 5 resolutions. Man, what happened to the easy ones we made when we were kids like making your bed every morning?? Oh heck, I don't even make my bed half the time!!! I'm happy I've written down these resolutions this year. And the action steps for each. This will be a good way of tracking my progress. And now that you know them too, you can follow up with me on how I'm doing. :) What are your New Year's Resolutions???

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