Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Time!!!

Today I was lucky enough to have some family come visit me in Raleigh! My sister Jaclyn lives in Burlington which is an hour from where I live. She has two amazing children too! I almost always drive to Burlington to see them. I mean it kind of makes sense if you think about it. A three and five year old visiting an "unkid friendly" one bedroom apartment vs. a three bedroom house with toys galore! BUT, this weekend I was lucky enough to have Jaclyn, my brother-in-law, Jim, my niece, Royce, and nephew, James make the trek to my house for a fun-filled day!

They arrived around 11:30 and we hung out for about an hour. The kids were sooooo sweet and ready for pictures! My niece, Royce is just precious as can be and was singing her little heart out. James brought a suitcase with him filled with toys! I definitely had to laugh that he packed for the trip. :) For lunch we hit Lily's Pizza in 5 Points. My friend recently introduced me to this place so I just had to take my sis there! Especially since the last time they were in town I took them to Pei Wei for dinner and they HATED it. I mean HATED it! They bring up how awful it was often. I was super surprised because I love eating there! Anyway, I had to redeem myself and take them somewhere really good that would pass the test! Well, they loved it and we had a really great time! After lunch we walked around and then had some ice cream. Very tasty. :) My nephew was so cute while we were eating our ice cream. He loves his Aunt Mitz (Yup, that's what I'm called. Well, Mitz or Mitzey.) He always wants to sit near me or on my lap. How could I ever not say YES!? After our dessert treat we headed to the Natural Science Museum. I'm sad to admit that in my nearly 6 years in Raleigh this was the first time I've been. It was a great time and the kids kept me on my toes. And they gave me quite a workout. I did lots of lifting up and down to help the little squirts see some of the cool exhibits. I must admit, for as much as I HATE HATE HATE cockroaches, they were my favorite to look at! :o)

Anyway, it's picture time.

Royce, 3 and James, 5

Group Pic!

He is sooo cute AND lost a tooth!

James and Mitz (That's me!)

My sister Jaclyn with her babies!

Family picture!

Brother and sister

On the way to the museum.

Roycey is so CUTE!

Really pretty! I don't really take very good pictures. BUT, I'm pretty proud of this one!

Posing in front of a jumbo honey comb!

Hissing cockroaches!!! One had just finished molting. (If you look to the very left of the picture you can see the white thing on the black tray.) It was completely white! I've seen a caterpillar molt, but never a roach! Wish my 2nd graders could have seen it!

Showing James a display. I think it was centipedes.

BIG dino!

Jamesy asked me to take his pic!

I always have such a wonderful time with Jackie, Jim, and the kids. I am the luckiest aunt! I will say that I have no clue how my sister does it! I am always sooooo sleepy after I spend time with the kids. I took a two hour nap after I got home!! What an AWESOME Sunday!!!! :o)

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