Sunday, February 13, 2011

A week in review

I tracked out Friday! Hello three weeks of freedom! :o) I'm looking forward to sleeping in on Monday. I am planning to sub again this track out. I already have 6 jobs lined up. I was hoping to sub 12 days, but I've decided to only do 10. I need some time to relax!!!! :)

2 weeks down, 8 weeks to go until the Tarheel 10 miler. YIKES! It was a really good training week. I have noticed though that running in the morning rocks compared to at night after a loooooong day of work. I definitely hate running at the gym, but I really have no choice. I work late so often that it's pretty much dark by the time I get ready to run. I don't run outside at night so the track at the Y it is. Yesterday I could have run my three miles outside, but I went ahead and ran them at the gym because I wanted to take a class I'd never taken before. Well the run was GREAT. I mean, even for being indoors. It was so easy and effortless. The class on the other hand was HELL! The class is called PHX or power hour extreme. They were not kidding when they said the class was extreme. Whoa!! I was dead like 10 minutes in. Running that three miles was a bad idea prior to that class. But I kept my head in the game and did the best I could. I'm for sure taking the class again. :)

This weekend was also my very good friend, Angie's 30th birthday party. It was a Mardi Gras themed dirty thirty party. The night turned out to be a complete blast. Everyone rocked out their finest outfits, paired up with beads and masks. I got a super cute mask from Amazon. I also bought a cute new black dress for the celebration. Dinner started at 8. A large group of about 25 met up at 5 Star downtown. I absolutely LOVE this restaurant! I've eaten there several times and the sesame beef is always better than the last time I had it. Sooooo good. After several drinks and dinner, the group headed out for some dancing. The heels I wore KILLED my feet, but that didn't stop me from shaking my booty! I headed home about 1:30 (no, I didn't drive!!!) and was snuggled in bed by 2. I'll tell you though, I have no idea how I was able to go out dancing and drinking so much in college and rarely be phased? I woke up this morning hurting!!!! I slept awful and felt it too. After dragging myself to the McDonald's drive thru for a greasy breakfast and extra large soda, I made my way back to sleep. Fortunately, I feel fine now, just exhausted. I hate this feeling! Oh well, I only hit the town hard every few months so this feeling was worth it!

Now for the pictures!! :)

Angie and I.

Striking a pose.

Megan and I.

Angie and I after dinner.


Megan, Jamie (Angie's boyfriend), and me

Jamie and Ang

Megan and I again. Gotta love the masks!! :o)

YUP, the night was pretty AWESOME!!

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  1. Awesome mask and sounds like a great time! Live it up! You look great!


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