Thursday, May 19, 2011

#7 Graduates!!

It has finally happened. All 7 of the Pride kids have graduated from college! :) I bet my parents are jumping for joy. They put all 7 of their kids through college. I mean, how lucky are we?! All 7 of us graduated with different degrees.

Courtney-Criminal Justice
Ashley (ME)-Elementary Education
Dominique-Economics (now she's working on her PhD in Alaska--go sis!!!!)

On May, 7th the final Pride kid graduated college. My brother, Roy (he goes by Edward to everyone else) graduated from Marshall University in Huntington, WV. Everyone was there this weekend but Dominique. She's in Alaska and it wouldn't have worked out for her to come in for just a few days. Although the graduation was loooooooooong (3 hours) it was so great cheering for him when it was his turn!

A few pics of the fam after the graduation:

I'm so proud of my little bro!!

Jaclyn and Roy

I insisted he pose for a picture. :)

Courtney (Lulu) with the graduate.

At this point I was driving my brother nuts with pictures. hahaha :)

My brother's graduation also fell on Mother's Day weekend. My sister Meredith couldn't make it to Roy's graduation because she was sick, so we had breakfast for Mother's Day AND cookie cake (my favorite) for my brother. Yep, cookie cake after breakfast! :)

Here are some pictures from breakfast.

Meredith and Brent (my brother-in-law)

Dad and Lulu

Mom and Jaclyn

Shannon and Roy


Bro opening graduation gifts.

Yummy cookie really it was sooooooo good! :D

Graduation gift from Jaclyn and me. He'll appreciate it more when he uses it! ;)

I love my family. And I'm so proud of my brother. Next stop for him--grad school. I think he's going to Pitt. I tried talking him into going to NC State and living with me, but he wasn't too interested. Hey, I think I'm cool and would be fun to live with!!! :P

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  1. Congratulations to Roy and your whole family. Pitt is a great school.


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