Thursday, May 19, 2011

GUSTER Concert! :D

I am a HUGE Guster fan thanks to my older sister Courtney (AKA Lulu.) She turned me on to them about 6 years ago when I first moved to North Cackalacky. I have most of their albums which I jam to quite often. They are soooooo amazing and it's ashame more people don't know about them. So, when I stumbled upon their concert dates on the interwebs and saw that they were coming to Durham, I for sure knew I was going to see them. :) And, it just happened to work out that Guillermo and I had just started dating and he said he'd go with me. So 70 dollars later, I had two tickets to see my favorite band at the Carolina Theater. I cannot believe how cheap it was to buy tickets. Hmmmm, maybe I do want them to stay a well hidden secret so ticket prices stay down. :)

Anyway, so the concert was April 27th. (I realize I am blogging about this wayyyyyyy late.) Yes, the concert was on a school night, but who cares!!!! :) :) :) So Guillermo drove and before the show he took me to dinner. How sweet, right?! We ate at 604 West Morgan. So good and with a martini special who could argue?! After dinner we walked to the theater, grabbed a few drinks, and headed in. I've never been to the Carolina Theater until this concert. It was pretty cool. It kind of reminded me of the theater on the Muppets. The one with the two old guys sitting on the balcony. I know you know what I'm talking about! :)

The show was awesome, and in true Ashley Pride fashion, I snapped a couple pics. I didn't have my camera so I used my cellular. I even captured a video of them singing Satellite. Enjoy!!! :D

The theater pre Guster.

G snapped a shot of me. Remember, I only had my cell for pics!

Us! :)

Guster!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

The boys singing Satellite. So great!!

The concert was awesome and I was soooo sad when it ended. :*( I sang and sang the whole time. I REALLY wanted to hear them sing Ramona (one of my favorites) but they didn't. That's okay though because they sang Come Downstairs and Say Hello which I totally wasn't expecting. Guster = Amazing. You really ought to check them out!

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