Sunday, May 22, 2011

Laura's Bridal Shower

Today was my friend, Laura's bridal shower. I know Laura through my ex boyfriend, Thomas. Laura is his cousin. While Thomas and I were dating I became close with his family. When he and I broke up it was sad not just because he and I weren't together anymore, but also because I wouldn't get to spend time with his family anymore. :( But fortunately, not only were Thomas and I able to still be friends (it may have taken some time) but I also got to still talk with his family. So much so, that I was invited to Laura's bridal shower, bachelorette party, AND her wedding. It feels pretty awesome to be included in all of these things because I really love Tom's family. A LOT! :)

So today I headed to High Point to attend Laura's bridal shower. It was really nice too! Great food and deserts (which I ate plenty of) and just lots of laughs. I have to admit that this was my first bridal shower I've ever been to. Weird, I know. But it was. I had no idea that the bows from the gifts were used to make the bride's bouquet for the wedding rehearsal. Geesh, where have I been?! Had I known this I would have put a bow on the gift I gave Laura. Anyway, we played a fun little 6 question game on how well you know the bride. I only got 2 out of the 6 questions correct. I had to laugh too because her sister, Katie (one of the winners of the game) only got 4 out of 6 of the questions correct. I wonder how my sisters will do at my bridal shower when I have mine.....30 years from now..hahahaha

So I snapped lots-o-pictures and I wanted to share some of the highlights. I'm sad to write that my battery died after Laura opened her last gift so I wasn't able to get any with me and the family. However, Katie (Laura's sister) took plenty and I'm sure to see them on Facebook.

Katie--she's so darn cute! :)

Baby Emma. She was the happiest baby I have ever met! And so precious!! :)

Allyson (Another of Tom's cousins--I believe she may be his first cousin) She was the host of the game we played.

The bride-to-be, Laura holding her dog Cookie

Katie and friends

Jamie--Laura and Katie's mom. She is great!!!! :) She really knows how to crack me up!

GIFTS!! :)

More Katie and friends

Baby Emma with her mama, Kristy

Laura with her bridesmaids

Terri--Thomas, Laura, and Katie's aunt

First gift--pans for baking!

Katie was far more excited about the pans than Laura. Katie cooks for Laura and her fiancé Kevin.

More goodies

garden hose. I made Laura hold it up so I could snap a pic for the blog.

picture frame

Laura trying patiently trying to get the ribbon off.


Emma :)


All smiles!

Kitchen "tools"

The gift I bought Laura. She is so pretty!!! :)

The bridal shower was a lot of fun. I couldn't help though to think about having my own one day. I'm looking forward to us girls getting together again for the bachelorette party. Now, I don't know if I'll be able to post as many pictures from that night!! ;)

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