Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Track Out Update!

I tracked out last Tueday. I was more than ready for a break. The track in was 10 weeks. The longest one of the year. I have no clue how I survived traditional school my first two years of teaching?! I was so in need of a break!! So last Tuesday, I packed up my classroom and prepared it for the next group coming in behind me. I scooted out shortly after 3:30 and have been enjoying my time off since.

Now being broke as can be, I'm having a "stay-cation" this track out. Track 2 (my track)has a longer track out this time around because of holidays during previous track outs. 18 school days off!! I love it!! I had a teacher workday last Wednesday which was pretty productive and stress free. Then I subbed Thursday, Friday, and Monday. Thursday I was a 4th grade teacher at Penny Road. The day was a breeze and although the kiddos were pretty chatty, I didn't get upset because it's to be exprected when there's a sub. Friday I subbed at my school for my friend Angie and taught 2nd grade. Easy day! :) On Monday I subbed right down the road from where I live at Dilliard Drive. I was a 1st grade teacher. K and 1 are my leat favorite grades to sub for because the kids are pretty needy. It was still a good day though.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I knew I was going to take a pool day for myself. So I headed to the pool at 10:30, with snacks, drinks, and a Nicholas Sparks novel for a day of sun and relaxation. I also had a chance to journal while I was at the pool. The temp was HOT, but the water was perfect! I spent 4 1/2 vegging out, reading and wading around the pool.

My view for the afternoon! :)

By the time I headed back to my apartment I was feeling a little burnt on my back. After a shower and a nap, I woke up to MAJOR sunburn pretty much everywhere!! Picture this, a cooked lobster and then me! :/ Hahaha..I definitely overdid it. Fortunately, I have a great boyfriend who took care of me when I went over to his place yesterday evening. He didn't even pick on me which he totally have could with how red I was!

I had planned to sub today at Carpenter Elem. in a 4th grade class, but after a horrible night's sleep and stinging sunburn, I flaked out and cancelled my job. I felt pretty guilty, but then I realized that I don't HAVE to work everyday of my break. So here I am, sitting on my couch with my cat Ceci, watching CNN and having coffee. I'm enjoying being a lazy bones! :) A nap for sure is in order today! I'm not going to be a total bum today though. I'm planning to hit the gym this evening for a cardio class. I haven't decided if I'm doing the 5:30 cardio class or the 6:30 muscle conditioning class? Hmmmmm, I'm leaning more towards the 5:30 class. I'd love to run Lake Johnson now, but the weather is too hot and humid and I don't do well running in the heat. I could run later this evening, but I invited Guillermo over tonight to watch a movie with me. I'm thinking about Country Strong. Most everyone I've talked to said the movie was really good.

So there you have it. A brief track out update! I'm looking forward to the weekend. I have a scheduled pool date with the lovely Yazz and my sweet friend Malory is having her engagement party Saturday night. I got the invite in the mail a few weeks back and Guillermo's name was on the envelope too. I loved seeing our name on there together!!! The night for sure is going to be a great time! And don't you worry loyal blog followers, I will have plenty of pictures to post from the evening!! :)

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