Monday, May 9, 2011

A whirlwind weekend!

Hey Y'all! :) I typed this blog wayyyyy back in mid April, but I guess I forgot to post it. Sooooo, better late than never. The weekend you're about to read about was April 9th and 10th. Enjoy!!!

It's been quite a while since I last blogged. I feel like I've been moving a million miles a minute too! Things are going so AWESOME for me! I have to say that life is definitely good! Soooooooo, where to start?! I'll start with "the boy." :) So I've met someone! And he's smart, handsome, silly, and he has a great smile. I'm feeling hooked on this one! :) His name is Guillermo. For those of you who haven't a clue how to pronounce that...well I didn't either at first. Allow me to help you with a pronunciation key: gee-YAIR-moe. I hope that helped. Now for a picture.....

Que es muy caliente! :):) I snapped this photo on the way to Wilmington on Sunday for the Azalea Festival. We had a great time. Guillermo is a tennis player and he took me to a tennis challenge between John McEnroe and Todd Martin. I had never watched a tennis match before and it was a really good time. I told Guillermo he's got to teach me how to play. Even if it's just for fun. :) Afterwards, we went to the waterfront and walked around Front Street. It was the perfect weather and I loved rocking out my new sun hat. :) After dinner and ice cream we headed back to Raleigh. I loved every minute of our day trip. :)

The day before that I ran The Tar Heel 10 Miler race in Chapel Hill. I finished the race in 1:48:44. I kept my booty moving the whole time and I met my two goals. 1) Don't stop running, and 2) Finish the race in under 2 hours. I'm super happy with my time. My last long run before the race was a 9 mile run. I took me 1:45 to run that distance. I was super excited because after that run I knew I would be able to knock out this run in under 2 hrs. When I finished the race in 1:48 I was sooooooo excited. I really ran like the wind! :) It was challenging and easy at the same time. The first 3 miles were rough. I felt tired after mile one, thought I was going to throw up after mile two, and started to feel light headed at three. But once I hit mile 4 I felt better and had energy. Once I hit 5 I felt amazing! Just knowing I was halfway there kept my spirits high and my feet moving. I got a rock in my shoe around mile 7 but just dealt with it and kept going (It was a tiny rock.) I also for the first time had chaffing under my arms. I've run a zillion times and have never had this happen to me. It was kind of weird that all the sudden it just happened. I knew mile 9 was going to be a killer because it was a really big hill. It started at the end of mile 8. I was kind of disappointed to see so many people walking up it. I didn't stop though, I just kept going. By the time I got to mile 9 I just started booking it and running hard. I was so happy I kept a good pace throughout the race (between 10:30 and 11:00 minute miles) because it wasn't too hard to push myself that last mile to the finish line. :) I loved getting my medal after I crossed. It's the first medal I've ever received. Can you believe that? It took me 27 years to earn my first medal! :) This race was a HUGE accomplishment for me. Not only was it my biggest fitness accomplishment to date, but I trained for this race all alone. I even went solo to Chapel Hill. I'm so happy I did it this way too. I really showed myself what I am capable of. Here are the pics I had snapped at the race.

30 minutes to race time!

This picture was taken maybe a minute after I wrapped the race. I got my medal and asked a nice lady to freeze this moment in time for me. :)

A couple hours after the race, I went to my friend's Olympic party. I took Guillermo with me. I was so excited to introduce him to my friends. :) The party was a blast. Great food and super silly games. There were 5 events in our Olympic games: 2 relay races involving burlap sacks, balls, beer bottles, eggs, and balloons; beer pong; flip cup; and quarter bounce. We had four teams: Mexico, Antarctica, Germany, and the US. I was on team Mexico. We lost. :( 4th place. :( But it was soooo much fun. Here's a pic of Guillermo and I after we got to the party. :)

As if running 10 miles and participating in the Olympics wasn't exhausting enough, :) I had a date with a cute boy and the Beer Festival in Raleigh that night. It was super fun and I tried sooo many beers. The rain was insane, but I survived with soaked ballet flats and wet jeans up to my knees. Thankfully, Guillermo let me wear his jacket. It's only fair I share a couple pics from the festival. :)

Guillermo and I. Blurry but my favorite picture of him and I so far. :)

G with two of his good friends.

Afterwards, all four of us went to get something to eat and headed home. I was sooooo incredibly exhausted too! I had been up since before 5 to get ready for my 10 mile race. It was such a great weekend, and the best part was being able to spend it with Guillermo!! :)

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