Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Day Challenge--Day 11

Day 11-a person you would love to meet

Gosh, this is HARD. I've thought about this post all day and I still don't know who I would love to meet?! There are lots of great people out there that I would feel pretty special to meet. But honestly, not one particular person really stands out in my mind. There are so many amazing people that have and continue to live on this earth that I would be honored to meet. Just a few would be Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And then there are those that never even lived like Cinderella, Santa Clause, Nancy Drew, Mr. Darcy (the most amazing non-existent man ever!) etc, that I think would be so neat to meet. But really, I just don't know who I would LOVE to meet? I've surfed the net and even scrolled through Time Magazine's 2011 list of 100 most influential people, but still I don't know???

Instead of racking my brains anymore, I'm going to go with someone way better than all of the people I have named. The person that I would love to meet is actually someone I've already met but this was a very long time ago. I'm talking about my most beautiful and sweet sister, Tiffany. She was tragically lost at the young age of 17. There really isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her. She was my parents first born and was unlike any other person. She had a heart of gold and was truly loved by all that met her. I often wonder what Tiffany would be like now if she were still living? Her birthday passed recently on May 26th. She would have been 41 years old. I’d love to see what she would be like. How her hair is cut, if she were able to keep her slender figure over the years, who she married, how many kids she had, what her career is (my mom told us that Tiff wanted to be an accountant), and like a million other things. I wonder if she and I would be close? I would just LOVE to meet her and see how my oldest sister turned out.

Here is sweet picture of Tiffany as a tot being held by my cousin Dorothy. 

Tiffany Royce Pride
May 26, 1970 - October 31, 1987

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