Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 Day Challenge--Day 12

Day 12- Your Blog Story.

I started my blog way back in November 2007. That's a looooong time ago! The reason I started it was because a girl that I taught with had her blog linked up with her Facebook page and she would share her posts on her page. She was super outdoorsy and always had really cool things to share on her blog. I just LOVED the idea of having a blog and writing about my life.

I remember the night I set up this account. I was at my sister's house in Burlington for the weekend playing on my brother-in-law's laptop. It was super easy to set up! All I had to do was enter a minimal amount of information and viola! I had my own blog! The original name of my blog wasn't A Whole Lot of Pride though. I actually can’t remember what I named it initially? (Sorry, I wish I could remember!) But I can tell you that nearly three years went by before I ever wrote my first post. My first blog post was August 4, 2010. The reason I decided to officially start blogging was because I had begun following some former students parents' blogs I had in years past. I just loved to tune in and read about the things going on with their families. I loved seeing all the pictures and reading about the things they did over the weekend. I will tell you that I was kind of nervous to blog because I’m just a single girl with a cat name Ceci. I mean really, how interesting can my life really be? And is it even blog worthy? Well, I just decided to take the plunge and start blogging. I didn’t tell people about my blog for a long time though. And when I did, I kind of downplayed it because I was nervous that people would ask to read it. Isn’t it so silly that I wanted to blog my life but didn’t actually want people to read it? It makes no sense if you think about it!

For the longest time my only followers were former parents and my then boyfriend, Jeff. (We know how that turned out.) Whenever I did receive comments from them about my posts (which weren’t too often) they were always positive. So the more I posted, the more confident I started to become. I then shared my blog with my siblings and even my dad was tuning in to read my words. Eventually, I began telling more and more people about the blog and they were curious to see and read it. So, I just went for it and sent out the link and held my breath waiting for feedback. And to my surprise, people really liked it! So here I am on June 8, 2011 just blogging up a storm and loving that people are out there reading what I have to say. It feels really good knowing that people are enjoying my blog, and that I’ve even inspired a couple to start blogging! :) I say the more the merrier! No matter where we are in our lives, married, single, with children, etc., we are all interesting people who deserve to be heard and appreciated for who we are. I say hop on the blogging bandwagon and get started. What are you waiting for?

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