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30 Day Challenge--Day 16 AND Celeste's Bridal Shower

Day 16- Another picture of yourself (baby pic!)

My scanner is acting weird so I wasn't able to scan in the pictures of me as a kiddo.  I had to take them on my phone and upload them.  I apologize for the terrible quality.  But hey, I did the best I could.

Sink Pic!!!  I've always had that big 'ol mouth. :)

 My sister Courtney is on my left.  We were eating birthday cake.  I'm pretty sure it was my birthday.  Look at that short hair on me! 

Yup, I'm the one in the middle in my underroos!  Courtney is to my left and Dominique to my right.  She's in her undies too.  We must have been heading to the pool area to swim and someone snapped a quick pic.  We swam in our underwear a lot as kids.  :)


Easter.  I'm on the left and Dominique is on the right.
Celeste's Bridal Shower----June 11, 2011
On Saturday, a bridal shower was held for my dear friend Celeste.  Her and Mike are getting married in September.  I met her last January when I first joined my bible study group.  She is HILARIOUS!  That girl can really crack me up!  I love her carefree personality, and she has the best hair I have ever!  No kidding, it's beautiful!! :)  Anyway, so my friend Amanda and Yazz threw the party for her.  It was at Amanda's house.  If I haven't already mentioned this in my blog, Amanda and her husband, Joe are the best party throwers!!  These two really know how to host a shin-dig! :)  And they have the most beautiful home.  I LOVE going to their house!  :)  It's just so inviting and nicely put together.  :)  Yazz and Celeste are roommates.  These two together are just great!  I love their friendship and how silly they are together.  You would think they've been friends forever.

Okay, now on to the shower details.  It was a themed bridal shower based around Kentucky Derby attire.  All were asked to wear a fancy hat and dress.  Everyone looked super cute!  I wore a creme dress with green polka dots and green lace that peeked out from the bottom.  Let me just tell you I had a bit of a crisis with this dress.  I've had it about 5 years and haven't worn it since I first bought it.  Well when zipping it up I realized it was a bit snug and I couldn't get the zipper up all the way.  I decided since the shower was only a couple days away to just wear it anyway.  Plus my co-worker told me to put a broach on the back to cover up the fact that I couldn't zip it all the way.  So Saturday morning I'm getting dressed and panic starts to set in.  I can't get the zipper up and the pin I put on to hide it (a green flower) won't hide it and then I broke it.  I was freaking out because I didn't know what I was going to wear?!!  It looked horrible!!  So I put this lame brown cardigan on and just decided it was going to have to do.  When I got to Amanda's house, only her and Yazz was there. (Well, Joe was there too helping set up.) I told them about my dilemma and then showed them.  By this time the zipper is halfway unzipped and I felt like a fool!!!  So Amanda or Yazz (I don't know which one because they were both behind me) helped me zip zipped all the way!!!!!!! :)  It actually did fit.  I just needed a little help with the zipper. ;) Dress crisis solved!! :) :) :)

At 11:00 AM, all the girls, moms (Celeste and Mike's mom), and Celeste's grandmother AKA g-ma began to arrive.  There was lot of talking and excitement in the house! After about 30-40 minutes, Yazz welcomed everyone and popped (well attempted to...hehe) the champagne bottle.  Mimosas were quick to follow and the first game of the day--a little Hawaii trivia.  (Her and Mike are honeymooning in Kauaʻi) I went to Hawaii almost two years ago so I knew I had a chance at winning.  Well I tied with Lauren.  Her and I both got 8 out of the 15 questions correct.  The only reasonable tie breaker for us was to hula hoop for the win.  I lost. :(  I just don't have that kind of wiggle in my hips! was fun though!!! :) 

Celeste with her mom. :)

Posing with the ever so lovely Yazmeen!

 Mallory was chatting it up with G-ma.

Yazz and Amanda.  Yazz was having some trouble popping the cork so Joe helped out. :)

Pretty ladies! :)

Celeste and Mallory

The lovely Stephanie.

Another mother/daughter picture. :)

Amanda has a BEAUTIFUL garden!

Celeste and Lauren

I love their hats!

sweet friends :)

Lap pic!

Just hanging out.

 Self pic. :)

 Another garden picture. :)

Before the trivia game.

Next was brunch. There were sandwiches, a huge cheese platter, crackers, breakfast casserole (AMAZING...Amanda's hubby is a really good cook), mini-muffins, and I can't forget the tasty fruit bowl that Yazz made. (NOTE----I was there Friday night when this fruit bowl was being created and it was quite a process!!!) The food was really great and I may have gone back for seconds for more casserole!! ;)

Yum!! :)
After we finished up eating we headed back outside for our last game. Amanda broke us up into three teams and we were given 15 minutes to concoct a most perfect wedding dress for Celeste out of toilet paper. This was VERY FUN....and my team won!!! Ohhhhhh yeah! We rock!!! Hahaha!

What a dress!

Mermaid style dress. :) 

The winning team! :)  YES!!!!

 So elegant!

We needed a photo of Celeste with the three dresses that were created just for her! 

Now for the good part! Gift time!!! Not only was there a derby theme for this bridal shower, but there was also a lingerie theme. I'm sorry to inform, but none of the pics taken can be shared. Surely you can understand. BUT, I will tell you that all the gifts were tasteful and the best gift by far were the "sexy little bride" undies that Celeste's G-ma gave her. :) They were really cute! :) After Celeste opened her last gift (she saved the best gift for last---MINE!! haha) I had to scoot out. I had to serve at church at 3 and  had to get ready. I felt bad leaving so abruptly, but I couldn't be late for the big man upstairs!!! ;) I also felt bad because I wanted to be able to help Amanda and Yazz clean up after the party. Fortunately some others stayed to help. Overall, the shower was a BLAST! I'm so grateful I was able to be apart of it. :)


Norman found his way to the gifts.  So darn cute!!!

Caught ya! :)

Oops...I almost forgot to tell y'all about Mike stopping by to give Celeste a bouquet of flowers. :)  How sweet!!! :)


OH MY, and I almost forgot to share G-ma hula hooping.  You go girl!! :) :) :)

Gooooooo Grandma!!!! :)

And one last added bonus.  I'm a huge cat lover and I just had to snap a couple shots of Amanda's cats Contessa and Norman. 

I see you!

I just love this fridge pic of Contessa. 


Well there you have it!  I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it!! See you tomorrow!  ;)

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  1. Great childhood photos!!!

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