Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Day Challenge--Day 17

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why.

Hi-ya folks!! I have got to stop waiting until 10pm to start my blog. I must say though that today I was busy all day and I'm just now having some time to sit down and write a little. I started back to school today after 17 wonderful school days of track out (not including weekends.) I wasn't as cheery as I thought I would have been though. I felt kind of off today. To be honest, I was quite negative and whiney for the most part. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day. I don't like when I get in those kinds of moods at work. Yuck!!! Anyway, I was super anxious to leave work today too because Guillermo was back in town after being in Berkeley, CA for close to a week for work. I just couldn't wait to see him!!! It was so great to give him a nice big hug!!! :) :) :) After spending some time there it was time to head to bible study. Tonight we met at my friend, Stephanie A.'s house in Raleigh. I actually thought about missing group tonight because me friend Kim who I was going to ride with was sick and several other people weren't going either. Plus, I wanted to see more of G. But.......I ended up going and I had a really great time!! There were only three of us there tonight. Just Amanda A., Liz, and myself. I would have felt so bad if I would have missed!!! I'm happy I decided to go. :) So now you know why I haven't had time until now to blog for my challenge.

I like the topic of this blog. I've been waiting for this one for a little while now. I've known who I was going to write about since I first read it. If I could be anyone for a day I wouldn't go for a big celebrity or anything like that. The person I would be for one day is my little sister, Dominique. :)

Dominique is 26 years old. She's really the best friend I have ever had. She and I used to sleep in the same bed together as kids. We were always together and later we rightfully earned the name "tag team" from my father. ;-) She has always accepted me for who I am. No matter how bad it may be, I know I can tell her and she will always be supportive. She may give me crap about it, but she’s going to love me and never judge me. How many people can you honestly say that about? High school for us wasn’t always easy and even now as grown woman we can still have our fights, but she sticks close to me through thick and thin.

Now, Dominique and I do not have tons in common. I mean don't get me wrong, we are alike in many ways like the pitch of our laugh, acting completely obnoxious and crass in each other's presence, finding really dumb and inappropriate things hilarious, dining out for sushi, etc. But mostly we are pretty different. Dominique has always been more independent and I was always the follower. She was friends with pretty much everyone in school, while I was not. Her grades were always good, she worked hard in school, she was involved in extra curricular activities and well I just wasn't. Dominique has always been strong willed naturally and doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. These things have always been a struggle for me. I admire Dom for all these things. She's smart too. Very smart. She'll claim she's dumb and is always "failing" college classes, but she almost always gets an A. (My family rolls our eyes when she starts whining about how she’s failing.) While getting her undergrad she studied abroad for a semester in Europe. She attended Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College outside of England. She did awesome in college and made nearly a 4.0 majoring in Economics at Marshall University in Huntington, WV.

When I graduated college I went out to the "real world" and started teaching. Not my sis. She decided to continue her education and go for her Master’s Degree. After some serious thought to the three schools she was accepted to, Dominique decided to go to the school that offered to pay her tuition. And so my little sister made the move to Fairbanks, Alaska where she would study for two years to earn a degree in Resource Economics. But nope, she still wasn't finished. After a small blip in her plans, she temporarily moved back to WV to start law school at West Virginia University only to realize days before starting that she really wanted to pursue a PhD instead. So back to Alaska she went and here she resides today. She took up residency, bought a car, and just wrapped up her first semester of her PhD program. She’s studying Economics but I’m not quite sure what specifically she is doing in Economics? Really I don’t care because I couldn’t be more proud of her! Any degree in Economics is pretty impressive to me. I got a D in Econ in college. I thought it was so boring and I just didn’t understand those graphs at all!!!

Dominique is the only one of my parent’s children to earn a Master’s Degree. She’s the only one who’s decided a PhD is something she wants, not needs to earn. She’s well traveled and isn’t afraid to take risks with life. She recently moved into a “dry cabin.” This means that it has no running water. YES, you heard me right---no indoor plumbing! Before you freak, (I did) it’s common for people in Alaska to live in these kinds of places. Her work has showers and many other places do too. For $275 a month how can you complain? I pay $780 a month and feel sick when writing that rent check. Domi has a plan to pay off her car and some college loans from her undergrad years this year and she will follow through with it. Living in a dry cabin will allow her to do so. She called me about a month ago and told me she received a $30,000 fellowship for school in the fall. Wow, awesome news!! I’m so proud of her!!!

I want to be my sister for a day because I want to know what life is like in her shoes. Now I don’t want to be her just anytime though. I’d like to be her on a summer day in Alaska not when it’s 50 below and dark all day during the winter. Or maybe when she was traveling around Paris with her good friend, Troy. I’d like to have been my little sis on the day her and my younger brother took a puddle jumper plane to Barrow, Alaska, the most northern point of the United States and jumped into the Arctic Ocean when it was 30 degrees outside. I want to be Dom when she’s having a heated debate about politics and I’m sitting there in awe because of all the brilliant things she is saying when I have no clue as to what she talking about, let alone where the heck she learned these things. Maybe I can be Dominique when she’s sightseeing around Alaska or doing fancy research for the company she works for.

Dominique and my brother jumping in the Arctic Ocean. :)

I love my sister very much and I have never once been jealous of all her accomplishments and strengths. She’s an amazing person and I admire her for all the things she has done and will continue to do in her life. :) I’d just really like to know what it would be like to be Dominique J. Pride for 1 day. :)

Sisters :)

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