Friday, June 17, 2011

30 Day Challenge--Day 21

Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy

I took this picture in Oahu, Hawaii.

This picture was taken at the North Shore in Oahu before the sun set.  I don't look too happy but I totally was! :)

I love the ocean.  No really, I don't think you understand.  I LOVE THE OCEAN!  It is my all time favorite place to go.  Wanna know a little secret?  I didn't see the ocean until I was 17 years old.  After I graduated high school, my sister Jaclyn and her husband invited me to spend a summer with them in Burlington, NC.  I accepted :) and it was with them that I went to the beach for the first time.  We went to Carolina Beach.  I think we got there around 6 or 7.  I remember how happy I was to finally be there. :) I was lucky enough to go to the beach several times that summer with my sister and I just loved every minute of it!

The next summer, after my first year of college, a friend and me lived at Carolina Beach  At the beginning of the summer my sister and brother-and-law bought a beach house a few blocks down from the cockroach infested dump that I called home.  It was still great to me though! ;)  That summer was fun because I got to see my sister a lot and got to spend lots of time at their beach house.  She and I grew close that summer.

To me the ocean is the most peaceful place to go.  I can sit at the beach all day and never get bored.  A good beach read and some Miller Lite will make me the happiest girl ever.  I love the sand and the constant breeze.  Hearing the ocean waves and watching the tide role in is pretty much perfect in my opinion. And the sun.  Oh I love the sun.  I always have even since I was a little girl.  In WV we had an in-ground pool and my siblings and I pretty much lived in our pool area in the summer.  Even after we moved to another city in WV I still stayed close to the water and the sun.  My then best friend, Beth had a boat and I would spend summers with her at her family's cabin on Cheat Lake swimming, tubing, and skiing.  I have so many good memories when I think back on those times.

Whenever I think of vacationing the beach is always my first pick.  Going to the ocean pretty much trumps any other place.  I am content when I am there.  My mind is always at ease and I truly feel happiest when I am at the ocean. :) :) :) 

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