Thursday, June 23, 2011

30 Day Challenge--Day 27

Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge?

Well as I've written before, I was kind of nervous about telling people about my blog.  I was afraid that people would think it's dumb or that I'm boring and have nothing to write about.  I mean after all I am a single woman.  It's not like I have exciting adventures to share about things I do with my husband, or important milestones to share in my children's lives.  I'm just Ash Pride with a cat. :)   How exciting and interesting can I really be?

So, here's how the 30 day challenge came to be.  I like to blog surf.  I think it's exciting to be able to have the opportunity to tune into people's lives.  Some of these people I actually know, but many of them I've never met.  I love to look at their pictures and read about whatever they felt was important enough to share with the world.  I was randomly clicking through blogs one evening when I came across a woman's blog who was doing a 30 day challenge.  After scrolling down a little, I saw where she only made it a few days into the challenge before throwing in the towel and quitting.  I read through the topics she was supposed to be blogging about, but realized they really weren't things I'd be interested in writing on.  So I Googled 30 day blog challenges and just searched until I found one I liked.  And so here I am 27 days into my 30 day challenge.

(I also need to add that my friend, Billy had just wrapped up a 30 day music challenge on Facebook so I knew these kinds of challenges were out there.  However, while following the music songs he posted daily,  I had never actually considered doing a challenge of my own until I saw that woman's blog.)

Now to answer the question as to why I am doing the challenge.  The reason I am doing this challenge is because I love the idea of blogging.  I absolutely love writing about my life and the things going on with me.  I also really like the fact that after sharing my blog with my friends, they like what I have to say and are tuning in daily to read my words. :)  But like I said before, how interesting can a single woman be?  With a 30 day challenge it gives me a reason to blog.  It gives me great topics to reflect on daily and it really is a challenge.  Some days when I look at the topic I'm to write about I feel nervous because I know it's going to force me to sit down, focus, and reflect on various things in/about my life.  Many of the topics I've written about over the past 30 days are things I wouldn't have even thought or considered to write about.  This challenge gives me a reason to blog daily.  And that is why I chose to do this 30 day challenge.

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