Monday, June 6, 2011

Vineyards at Southport--A Surprise for ME! :)

Guillermo surprised me yesterday with a wine tasting and food pairing at the Vineyards at Southpoint. :)  It was such a great time!  I was totally surprised and I loved what he had planned for us.  He gave me a few clues here and there over the past couple of weeks and I was convinced we were going to a Durham Bulls game.  I was totally and completely wrong! :) 

We were able to sample 5 wines: 2 whites and 3 reds.  I will admit that I never really understood how to go about ordering certain foods with different wines.  I knew the basics, like a white wine is good with fish and red is good with beef.  But at this tasting, I  got a fantastic food and wine 101 course :0)  My favorite and  G agreed was the Viognier (vee-ohn-YAY).  A light white  that paired well with white chocolate, macadamia nuts, salty crackers and blue cheese.     Mmm, it was quite good.  We picked up a bottle of it on our way out.  We also purchased a 2nd wine.  I wasn't too crazy about it, but Guillermo enjoyed it.  It was a 2008 Chambourcin (cham-bore-SIN). This particular red pairs well with pork, grilled meats, and dark chocolate.  We also learned that it's a good timed wine that can be held onto for years.  :)

Here are some pictures I took at the winery.  (As if I wouldn't bring my camera! ;))

Just hanging out before the tasting began.

After the tasting.  A quick pic by the pond.
A really great surprise! :) 

Afterwards we headed back to Raleigh and got a couple sweet treats at....oh shoot, I can't remember the name of the place.  But I can tell you they they had LOTS of yummy gourmet treats!  My coffee and cannoli were yum! :)


I had G take a pic of me but it was too awful to put on my blog so I took one of myself.  Plus he put both of our treats in front of me to make me look extra tubster! :)

After our sweet treat we went to the movies.  We saw Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal. It was a little confusing to me, but the popcorn, soda, and handsome man beside me made it perfect.

 It was a wonderful Sunday! :)   Guillermo is a great guy! :)

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