Wednesday, July 20, 2011

School and Family

So this blog is going to be a two parter.  I'm going to go all cheesy for the 1st part.  I took some pictures of my classroom last week on the first day of school.  I don't typically take pictures of my classroom, but I had this day so I could show Guillermo what my "school world" looked like.  Let's just say I never had the chance to show him.  Anyway, keep in mind that I teach at a year round school so I change classrooms 4 times a year.  Because of this all the 2nd grade classrooms are set up pretty similar and aren't too fancy pants.  Anyway, here you go!!

Ms. Pride's Class is all Heart!
Cheesy yes, but so perfect for 2nd grade! :)
My door decorations.  Hearts with the kiddos names
on them and flowers to jazz things up. :)

22 desks patiently waiting for 22 nervous children. 

Another view of the room.  There's my desk!

They're here! :)  Hard at work on their Marvelous Me! packets.
To wrap up part one, I have to say that I have such a great group of kiddos.  I am more motivated than ever to do my best each day and remain positive.  After all, I am impacting the lives of 22 beautiful children.

Now on to my next topic.  Mi familia!! My parents came in from WV earlier in the week.  They were staying in Burlington to help take care of my sister and her kids.  Jaclyn (my sis) had to get her wisdom teeth out and so the 'rents came to help.  I drove to Burlington Saturday morning to meet up with everyone and spend time with the family.  I had originally planned to stay just for the day, but my mom called and asked me to stay the night with her and my dad (they stay in a hotel when they visit since Jaclyn's house is just three bedrooms.)  I loved that idea and gladly said yes.  I hadn't seen my parents since early May when my brother graduated college and I missed them!  Also, Guillermo and my breakup was just two days old and I wanted my parents.  It amazes me that even at 27 years old when I am feeling upset all I want to do is go home and be with my parents.  In this case home was a room at the Microtel.  hahaha.

Anyway, so Saturday kicked off with lunch at the Ye Old Country Kitchen restaurant out in the boonies.  No really, it was quite a drive.  Lunch was good and I ate a lot of food.  It was just too good not to eat!  And I can't forget the slobbered on watermelon my nephew, James and I shared.  I'll tell you that I love that child so much my heart could just burst!  Whenever I see that little guy he always come running towards me for the biggest hug!  He is stuck to me like glue when I'm there to visit.  I have to laugh because my sis and bro-in-law call him a hover craft.  I agree!  After we ate, James and Royce went to play around on the old fashioned playground equipment.  Pictures!!!


 My sis, Jaclyn


 Such a big boy! :)

brother and sister :)

Once we got back to Jaclyn's house we all pretty much relaxed...okay, okay, who am I kidding, we napped. ha!  My mom, dad, Jaclyn, and me.  I really mean it when I say I come from a napping family!  Jaclyn made dinner and we all hung out and talked around the dining room table.  After having a fruit tart for dessert and coffee, it was time for ghost stories.  It was super cute.  My niece came into the dining room and started telling the cutest scary story she could think up.  It involved monsters and missing peanut butter and jelly.  Of course James wanted to get in on it too and share a story.  By this point in the night the kids were soooooo hyper (it definitely has something to do with the pixie sticks my mom bought the kids) and they were screaming and running and it was soooooooooooo crazy!!!  When we left, my parents and I made our way back to the hotel in total silence after such a crazy night with the kids.  Here are a few pics of Royce sharing her ghost story with us.

Three Generations :) 

The weekend was wrapped up the next day with a family brunch at a little Italian restaurant, Sal's.  I love my family. <3


  1. Love the pictures and the post Ashley. Your family always meant a lot to mine. I know that must sound odd as you may be unaware of all the trips my family made to WV to see your grandparents, your mom, dad and sisters. Tiffany was only 3 years younger than me. Whenever we came for a visit in the summer, Tiffany would come and spend those same nights at your grandparents so that we could all play together.

    Linda Vestal

  2. I'm so glad to be back reading your blog. You really seem to have a wonderful family. How lucky you are! Beautiful pictures too.


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