Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's me again! :)

Why does moving have to be so tedious?  I spent a lot of money to have people move me, but since I have moved three more car loads to my new casa.  And then the cleaning afterwards.  I like to think I am a pretty clean person, but DANG that place was gross after everything was moved out of there!!!  I spent several hours cleaning this afternoon.  Talk about tiring!!  At one point, when I was climbing up on the counter to wipe out the cabinet above the microwave, I said to myself, "I'm too old for this."   I quickly realized what I said and pushed that thought out of my brain.  Gosh, I just don't like this getting older business.  Just this morning I found more gray hair.  I HATE gray hair.  It is too depressing.  As of now all the the grays have been on the top right part of my head.  Ugh, I pull all of them out and inspect those horrible things every time!  Blech!!

Anyway, my old apartment and cleaned and I'm almost ready to turn in my keys.  I forgot to bring a screw driver with me today so the curtains and a shelf in the bathroom are all that remain in apt. 207.

 It's so bare!!  And yes, I am aware that those curtains are too short for that window but that's the great thing about my couch--it covered it up! :P

The end is near!! 

My next door neighbor, Erin (she also teaches Spanish at my school) and I are hoping a hot guy moves in next.  :)  That would be great for her! :)

Later in the evening I had the honor of watching the graduation ceremony of a very special girl.  Her name is Ashley and she had been living at the House of Hope (HOH) for the past year and a half working on some personal, as well as family issues.  To learn more about the HOH click here.  I couldn't be more proud of her.  She really has come a long way.  She chose to share her testimony at the beginning and it brought me to tears.  So much had happened in her life prior to finding the HOH.  And she has come so far since!!  And to hear how she came to Christ while at the house was awesome!  She had just begun the program when I first started going to the house to spend time with the girls.  I love all of the girls, but I was immediately drawn to Ashley from the start.  Her and I are Facebook pals now and we will for sure be keeping in touch! 

Ashley and Ashley :)

A great deal of people came to show their support.  I also learned about another girl graduating from the house in a few weeks.  This is fantastic news!!  I'm going to be going to her graduation too.  She was a resident at the HOH for nearly two years.  Way to go Becky!!! :)

Ashley and Becky

I'm so lucky to have been led to the House of Hope.  :)  

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's been happening?!

Hola!!  Long time, no blog!!  Well, I guess I last posted on Friday.  So really it's just been a couple of days since I last wrote.  A lot has happened since I last posted.  A hurricane blew through good ol' North Cackalack and I continued to box up my life and move it to either of two places: 1. my 10x10 storage unit or 2. my new place.  Let me just tell you all that a one bedroom apartment can hold a lot of junk!!  I hate how much stuff I have collected over the past 6 years.  I got rid of a fair amount too while packing.  I hauled an entire car load--seats folded down, blind spot blocked, packed full--to my sister's house in Burlington.  I told them to keep what they liked and sell the rest at their yearly yard sale.  And since that trip, I have another three boxes to pass along to them.  I know Jaclyn is going to like the Dooney and Burke purse I'm giving to her.  I've seen her eyeing it up on more than one occasion.  Why not pass along a perfectly good purse when I haven't carried it in over a year?!

Anyway, first I'm going to spend a moment talking about Hurricane Irene.  I know she really did some destruction along the coast, but not so much in Raleigh.  I will tell you her rainy weather made it great to take two, yes two naps on Saturday when she was blowing through.  The first nap was 11-1 and the second nap was from 3-5.  I think traveling to and from WV and sleeping not so good while I was visiting with my sister early last week, and then having to get up super early the last part of the week to sub just had me all sorts of worn out!  And the rainy weather is just perfect for sleeping!  I did do some packing (okay, minimal packing) between naps so it wasn't a total unproductive afternoon.  After I dragged myself out of bed at 5, I jumped in the shower and began preparing dinner and dessert for a much anticipated "hurricane party" my next door neighbor, and fellow teacher, Erin and I had planned.  It went a little something like this: I prepare dinner and she brings the drinks.  In this case, mojitos! :)  I made a veggie lasagna and brownies.  We had great conversation and lots of laughs.  Erin is AWESOME!!  I'm so happy her and I have become friends!  However, I will note that when I looked out the window during the par-tay this is what I saw.  Hardly a hurricane party!  LAME!

I see a pretty sky...not a FIERCE hurricane sky!

Anyway, here are some packing pictures...I never thought I would get it done!!!

All of this mess went to storage.  (Including the couches!!)

Thanks to my sweet friend, Erin for letting me borrow her plastic tubs!!  All of this craziness went to my new place!  

Hard at work.  The guys were about finished and our first stop was storage to get rid of my couches, washer, and dining room table.  

 Comfiest couch will be missed!!  

All filled up!  It's weird looking at my stuff just put away and getting no use!  At least the dryer will be used.  Yazz's died.  

 My new room.

 Thank goodness for TWO closets! :)

I told the moving men to leave my stuff in Yazz's living room and I would figure out where it needed to go.  What a mess!

 Furniture in place!

Where do I even begin?!  

I was a little overwhelmed after the moving company left.  I had so much stuff in the living room and I knew I needed to get that mess out of there before Yazz got home from work.  Would you want to come home to THAT?!  It didn't take long to move things where they needed to be and start making some progress with unpacking.  I will tell you that I will put off unpacking my clothes for as long as possible.  I HATE hanging up clothes!!!  

Here's what I've done so far.  

 Not too sure this is going to stay this way.  Just having some fun for now! :)

Please note that the fuzzy thing in the bottom left of the picture is my Ceci girl! :)

Yeah I agree, it doesn't look like I've done too much.  I still have a lot of stuff in my car too because the HUGE rain storm we got this evening.  I've got TONS of clothes on hangers in my backseat!  You know you're a lazy bones when you move your closet and don't take the clothes off the hangers!!  HA!

I will say shortly after the movers left I became pretty bummed out.  I realized that they broke the stand of my full length mirror.  The left leg is broken and the mirror is majorly leaning.  I was pretty upset because not only did I give, yes give away this ridiculous TV (see below) to one of the movers because no one on Craigslist would buy it even after lowering the price 4 times, but I also gave each of the three movers a tip.  

The TV I REFUSED to store or take to my new casa!

Plus, they scraped up the corner of my sleigh bed.  I was more disgusted than anything because I felt like I was taken advantage of.  If they would have been honest and just told me about the mirror I wouldn't have been mad. Things break!  So I talked to my brother-in-law and he's taking care of everything. He says they will reimburse me for the mirror.  I hope so.  It's almost 20 years old.

So not only did I have the moving to deal with today, but I had to take my ball of fluff to the vet too.  I knew something was going on with her.  She wasn't acting right.  She has a UTI and her dermatitis has flared up and she has one heck of a nasty sore under her tongue.  Poor Ceci!  She's on meds for both and hopefully she'll be better in no time!!  She's snuggled up beside me now.  :)  She was pretty much traumatized earlier today when the movers came and I had to lock her in the bathroom.  I let her out of the bathroom before I left with the guys, and when I came back to get her a couple hours later she was FREAKING out!  She didn't know what to think with an empty house!  When I got her cat carrier out of the closet she walked right in!  I was shocked!!!  Usually she will bolt at the sight of her carrier.  Not today.  She wanted to get the heck out of there! :)  Too bad for her the next stop was the vet.  She was soooooooooooo mad at me too.  Oh well, it was all for her.  Here she is tonight exploring her new home.

Today was a really busy day!  I'm spent!!  I was going to sub tomorrow, but I really need to get my apartment cleaned so I can turn in my keys and be done with that place.  I have nothing against that apartment complex, I just cannot bring myself to paying $799 a month for the next year.  No way!!  On my salary I'll never get ahead if I keep living there.  Night!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kids Say the Darnedest Things!!!

As all of you know I am a 2nd grade school teacher.  And I love my job.  Teaching is the best profession EVER in my opinion.  Sure the pay is lacking....a lot...but that's okay because I don't do it for the money...obviously!!!  Anyway, per request of my buddy, Amanda, I've been keeping track of all the silly things that come out of  mouths of children.  Here's what I've collected over the past six weeks of school.

Now, the first three comments came from one very unique little girl.  I just love her too!  She's a great kiddo, she just doesn't know her own strength mentally AND physically.  I would describe this little girl as a "bull in a china shop." Or as I always thought my mom was saying as a kid, "a BOWL in a china shop." (I was always so confused when she would say it too, but now I understand what she was meaning.)  I'll call her Jane.

1)  On the first day of school I read the story, First Day Jitters (super cute story) and I asked the kids if they wanted to share a time they felt nervous on the first day of school.  Jane raises her hand and says, "I was nervous on the first day of first grade [insert mumble mumble mumble mumble] and then my pants fell down."  And my response was, "Ummmmmmm, okay. Anyone else want to share?"  And where I wrote mumble mumble mumble I seriously couldn't even make out what she was saying.  Her words were gibberish and then she blurted out that her pants fell down.  Ha!

2)  One day after lunch the kids were talking to the T.A. (teacher assistant) in the classroom while I was working on the computer.  I really have no idea what they were talking about but I caught the part in the conversation when Jane raised her hand and said, "What I've learned in my 7 years is....."  I had to laugh to myself that a kid would phrase the start of a sentence like this.  I mean really, how much have you really learned in all 7 years of your life?!  It sounded so matter-of-fact.

3)  The other day someone from the office called over the intercom that Jane would be leaving early.  I told Jane to gather her things and she announced in her loudest voice that, "I'm going to the doctors to take all of my clothes off."  And I said in response, "Do you mean you're getting a physical to make sure you're healthy?"

4)  One afternoon during a social studies lesson we were talking about consequences for not being a good citizen in the community.  We were talking about paying fines, community service (which the kids had no clue as to what this was until I shared with them), and of course we talked about jail.  One of my sweet students raised he hand and informed me that her uncle went to jail for selling cigarettes.  Cigarettes, hmmmmm???  I can only think of one kind of "cigarette" that may send you to jail. EEK!!!

5) And lastly, the week we tracked out I was soooo exhausted!!  It just seemed like everything was happening that week.  Before I took the kids to specials (I think they were going to P.E.)  I told the kids (jokingly) that I was going to take a nap at my desk because I was so sleepy.  One little boy walked up to me and said, "I feel ya, Ms. Pride.  I've got bags on top of bags."  It was so funny!!   :) 

The next two things I heard from two T.A.'s (teacher assistants) in the workroom.

6) Ms. H. is an older TA.  She told me she snapped her fingers and told one of the kindergartners to get busy and the student looked at her and said, "I didn't know old people knew to snap."

7) Ms. L. told me that the kids were erasing their white boards (the kids have small white boards they use during math class) and one students was having trouble erasing his board.  The classroom teacher told the kiddo to use a little "elbow grease" and the child literally put his elbow on the board and tried erasing with it. :)  (1st grade)

So there you have it!!  We'll see what kinds of comments the kids come up with over the next 9 weeks when we track in.  :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home! xo

My WV visit has officially come to an end.  I'm in Raleigh again and it feels great being home!!  Living out of a suitcase is tough!  Meredith and Brent were more than kind while I was with them and I am grateful to have them both in my life.  :)  I hope to have them visit me one day.  I want to show them all around and give them a taste of my life.

WV is so very different than NC.  In WV you have two lanes per side on the interstate and the roads are super windy.  I get scared driving the roads in WV.  I'm just not used to them.  I prefer driving my NC roads much more!!  And even though my sister lives in the city Charleston, it's just soooo different than living in Raleigh. There's endless "stuff" to do here, but in WV you're pretty limited.  It's hard to believe I was born and raised in WV.  I could never in a million years move back.  I just love it in NC too much.  When I was driving home today I pretty anxious to make it back to NC.  Not Raleigh, just making it into the state.  I just don't like driving through the mountains in WV and VA.  I feel much more at ease once I hit flat and straight.

I will say something VERY SCARY happened to me on the way home.  A man was following me very closely in WV and got mad when I slowed down to 55 in a construction area.  I could see him yelling and throwing his hands up in my rear view mirror.  Once the construction ended, he whipped around me and was acting like a crazy yelling at me.  I may have provoked him with a gesture and this proved to be a BAD idea.  He cut me off and slammed on his breaks.  Then he slowed down to like 50.  I was too scared to pass him (he could have had a weapon or something) so I just drove behind him.  Eventually he pulled off to the side of the road and I hurried up and drove past.  Then he comes flying up behind me, cuts me off again, and slammed his on his breaks.  People, this man was CRAZY!  I was sooooo happy when he got off at the next exit.   I was for sure shaken up.  I learned a valuable lesson here, don't acknowledge psycho drivers in any way and don't do anything to provoke them!!  Lesson learned!

Okay, enough of that.  Here are a couple pictures I took at Mer's this morning of us just hanging out.  She has the cutest bichons and we had so much fun playing with them. :)

 A little snuggle session with Armani and Versace. :)

 Mer and Versace.  (I have a super sweet spot for that pup!)

 One last sister pic before hitting the road.  

Until next time, Meredith!! xoxo

I stopped by Burlington on my way back to Raleigh to hang out with my sister, Jaclyn and the kids.  PICTURES!!!

I took all the pics on my cellular.  I was too lazy to walk out to the car to grab my camera.  I stayed for dinner and then went with Jaclyn, Jim, and the kids to pick up a few things James needs for tomorrow---his 1st day of kindergarten!!  I just CANNOT believe this kiddo is starting school.  I can remember the first time I ever held him like it was just yesterday.  I can't wait to hear all about his big day tomorrow.  :)

Well there you have it, bloggers!!  Until next time!! xoxo

My trip down country roads...AKA West Virginia! :)

I tracked out Friday and I have been enjoying my break! :-)  I headed up to WV Saturday morning to spend 4 days with my older sister, Meredith.  I had planned to come up and visit during my last track out, but lack of funds made that impossible.  Bummer!  Here's a lovely look at my WV vacation. :-)  Enjoy!!! :)

Saturday, 8/20

I stopped in Burlington around 9:30 to visit the Allegretto family (my sis!!) and drop off a few things for them to add to their garage sale collection.  (This moving business has been great for me when it comes to getting rid of stuff!)  I stayed for about and hour and chatted.  You know my camera was close by for pictures!

 James is trying to be pouty because I didn't want to play with him and Royce.

 Yeah right, like you're really mad at Aunt Mitzy!!  (ME!)

 Okay, Okay, I'll play with you and Royce..but just for a minute!

 Hanging out and talking to Jackie and Jim..he didn't want his pic taken though.

There's that sweet smile I know so well!!  

I made it to WV around 3:30.  I was quite proud of myself for not really speeding.  Usually I am a maniac when I travel long distances.  I just get sooo anxious to "be there!"  My mom and sister Courtney were in the area so they stopped by to visit.  Meredith was feeling a bit under the weather so she didn't go out to dinner and shopping with us.  Mer's hubby, Brent came with us.  It was nice spending some QT time together.  We had dinner at the most scrumptious restaurant called Tidewater Grill!!  I had lobster ravioli.  Tasty!!!  

 My mom and sister, Courtney (Lulu) :)

 My brother-in-law, Brent. 

 Family <3

 I took a sister pic before my mom and sis had to hit the road.  

mom. :)

Sunday, 8/21

I had a really nice Sunday with my sister, Meredith and Brent.  We went to church, the 11 o'clock service.  They attend Christ Church United Methodist.  It was a lovely service that focused on stewardship.  Afterwards, we had brunch at Bridge Street Bistro.  Then we went shopping--Marshall's, Pet Smart, Sams. After we got home we all napped! Haha.  The rest of the Sunday was pretty lazy and we just watched a movie.  I didn't take any pictures on Sunday.  Strange, I know, :)  I wish I would have taken a picture after church of Mer and Brent.  They looked so nice!!  

Monday, 8/22

LAZY day!!! :)  I didn't even get out of my jams this day.  Man, it had been a looooooong time since I bummed around for a whole day.  Brent went to work and Mer and I just chilled at home all day.  We napped and watched movies.  No pics!  Not that I would have posted them if I had taken some.  Me in no makeup is not a pretty sight!!!!!  

Tuesday, 8/23

Meredith and I spent the afternoon in Huntington with my brother.  We drove an hour to meet him at his campus.  He's working on his Master's degree at Marshall University.  We met up around 2:30 for a late lunch.  Afterwards we had dessert and then I checked out his dorm room.  (I felt old being around all those yougins!!)  :P  I took LOTS of pictures of our adventures!!!  :)

 We ate at Taste of Asia.

 Before lunch.

 Gosh, I love this kiddo!!!  AND he's 22 and and has gray hair....just like me!  Haha

 Meredith and Roy (He's Edward to everyone else, but to his fam he'll always be Roy.)

 I pretty much destroyed this bowl of edamame!

Purposely making weird faces!!! :P (It's a Pride thing!)

Of course I asked our server for a family pic! :)  (My brother and I are both lefties so we didn't have to bump elbows the whole meal!)

After lunch we went to Jim's restaurant for pie.  Jim's was opened in 1937.  JFK ate here while campaigning.  :)  

 I liked the place mats.

 My chocolate pie. YUM!

I think it's quite funny that we ate at 2 restaurants!  Hahaha...but people, we just had dessert at Jim's! :)

Afterwards, I insisted on checking out my bro's room.  

 Where my brother resides! :)

I made my brother pretend he was working hard.  He thinks I'm weird! (I am!)

All that was left to do after seeing my bro's dorm was saying goodbye.  I love you brother!!! :)

To wrap up my Tuesday I spent time with my awesome friends Billy and Travis.  They purchased a home several months back and since I was in town I just had to see them and their new place.  I went over to hang out around 9pm and left around 1am.  We had so much to talk about!! :-)  I just love these two soooooooo much!!  I've known Billy since he was a freshman in high school and I was a sophomore.  I met Travis when I was 22.  These two are hilarious and I was definitely laughing hysterically many times doing our time together.  Here are some great pics we took.  Enjoy!!

Best couple ever!! :)

 I'm so happy to still be friends with these two after all these years! :)

 Billy and me

Travy! :)

Well bloggers, that's my trip!!  I'm headed back to North Cackalacky in the AM after breakfast with Meredith.  I've loved being able to spend time with her!! :)  I'm also looking forward to my visit with my sister Jaclyn, Jim, and the kids tomorrow. :)  Of course I'm stopping by to spend time with them on my way back to Raleigh.  AND....I just might have a picture or two to share with you!!  Bedtime, folks!!  It's almost 2am....zzzzzzz