Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's me again! :)

Why does moving have to be so tedious?  I spent a lot of money to have people move me, but since I have moved three more car loads to my new casa.  And then the cleaning afterwards.  I like to think I am a pretty clean person, but DANG that place was gross after everything was moved out of there!!!  I spent several hours cleaning this afternoon.  Talk about tiring!!  At one point, when I was climbing up on the counter to wipe out the cabinet above the microwave, I said to myself, "I'm too old for this."   I quickly realized what I said and pushed that thought out of my brain.  Gosh, I just don't like this getting older business.  Just this morning I found more gray hair.  I HATE gray hair.  It is too depressing.  As of now all the the grays have been on the top right part of my head.  Ugh, I pull all of them out and inspect those horrible things every time!  Blech!!

Anyway, my old apartment and cleaned and I'm almost ready to turn in my keys.  I forgot to bring a screw driver with me today so the curtains and a shelf in the bathroom are all that remain in apt. 207.

 It's so bare!!  And yes, I am aware that those curtains are too short for that window but that's the great thing about my couch--it covered it up! :P

The end is near!! 

My next door neighbor, Erin (she also teaches Spanish at my school) and I are hoping a hot guy moves in next.  :)  That would be great for her! :)

Later in the evening I had the honor of watching the graduation ceremony of a very special girl.  Her name is Ashley and she had been living at the House of Hope (HOH) for the past year and a half working on some personal, as well as family issues.  To learn more about the HOH click here.  I couldn't be more proud of her.  She really has come a long way.  She chose to share her testimony at the beginning and it brought me to tears.  So much had happened in her life prior to finding the HOH.  And she has come so far since!!  And to hear how she came to Christ while at the house was awesome!  She had just begun the program when I first started going to the house to spend time with the girls.  I love all of the girls, but I was immediately drawn to Ashley from the start.  Her and I are Facebook pals now and we will for sure be keeping in touch! 

Ashley and Ashley :)

A great deal of people came to show their support.  I also learned about another girl graduating from the house in a few weeks.  This is fantastic news!!  I'm going to be going to her graduation too.  She was a resident at the HOH for nearly two years.  Way to go Becky!!! :)

Ashley and Becky

I'm so lucky to have been led to the House of Hope.  :)  

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