Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kids Say the Darnedest Things!!!

As all of you know I am a 2nd grade school teacher.  And I love my job.  Teaching is the best profession EVER in my opinion.  Sure the pay is lacking....a lot...but that's okay because I don't do it for the money...obviously!!!  Anyway, per request of my buddy, Amanda, I've been keeping track of all the silly things that come out of  mouths of children.  Here's what I've collected over the past six weeks of school.

Now, the first three comments came from one very unique little girl.  I just love her too!  She's a great kiddo, she just doesn't know her own strength mentally AND physically.  I would describe this little girl as a "bull in a china shop." Or as I always thought my mom was saying as a kid, "a BOWL in a china shop." (I was always so confused when she would say it too, but now I understand what she was meaning.)  I'll call her Jane.

1)  On the first day of school I read the story, First Day Jitters (super cute story) and I asked the kids if they wanted to share a time they felt nervous on the first day of school.  Jane raises her hand and says, "I was nervous on the first day of first grade [insert mumble mumble mumble mumble] and then my pants fell down."  And my response was, "Ummmmmmm, okay. Anyone else want to share?"  And where I wrote mumble mumble mumble I seriously couldn't even make out what she was saying.  Her words were gibberish and then she blurted out that her pants fell down.  Ha!

2)  One day after lunch the kids were talking to the T.A. (teacher assistant) in the classroom while I was working on the computer.  I really have no idea what they were talking about but I caught the part in the conversation when Jane raised her hand and said, "What I've learned in my 7 years is....."  I had to laugh to myself that a kid would phrase the start of a sentence like this.  I mean really, how much have you really learned in all 7 years of your life?!  It sounded so matter-of-fact.

3)  The other day someone from the office called over the intercom that Jane would be leaving early.  I told Jane to gather her things and she announced in her loudest voice that, "I'm going to the doctors to take all of my clothes off."  And I said in response, "Do you mean you're getting a physical to make sure you're healthy?"

4)  One afternoon during a social studies lesson we were talking about consequences for not being a good citizen in the community.  We were talking about paying fines, community service (which the kids had no clue as to what this was until I shared with them), and of course we talked about jail.  One of my sweet students raised he hand and informed me that her uncle went to jail for selling cigarettes.  Cigarettes, hmmmmm???  I can only think of one kind of "cigarette" that may send you to jail. EEK!!!

5) And lastly, the week we tracked out I was soooo exhausted!!  It just seemed like everything was happening that week.  Before I took the kids to specials (I think they were going to P.E.)  I told the kids (jokingly) that I was going to take a nap at my desk because I was so sleepy.  One little boy walked up to me and said, "I feel ya, Ms. Pride.  I've got bags on top of bags."  It was so funny!!   :) 

The next two things I heard from two T.A.'s (teacher assistants) in the workroom.

6) Ms. H. is an older TA.  She told me she snapped her fingers and told one of the kindergartners to get busy and the student looked at her and said, "I didn't know old people knew to snap."

7) Ms. L. told me that the kids were erasing their white boards (the kids have small white boards they use during math class) and one students was having trouble erasing his board.  The classroom teacher told the kiddo to use a little "elbow grease" and the child literally put his elbow on the board and tried erasing with it. :)  (1st grade)

So there you have it!!  We'll see what kinds of comments the kids come up with over the next 9 weeks when we track in.  :)

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