Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My trip down country roads...AKA West Virginia! :)

I tracked out Friday and I have been enjoying my break! :-)  I headed up to WV Saturday morning to spend 4 days with my older sister, Meredith.  I had planned to come up and visit during my last track out, but lack of funds made that impossible.  Bummer!  Here's a lovely look at my WV vacation. :-)  Enjoy!!! :)

Saturday, 8/20

I stopped in Burlington around 9:30 to visit the Allegretto family (my sis!!) and drop off a few things for them to add to their garage sale collection.  (This moving business has been great for me when it comes to getting rid of stuff!)  I stayed for about and hour and chatted.  You know my camera was close by for pictures!

 James is trying to be pouty because I didn't want to play with him and Royce.

 Yeah right, like you're really mad at Aunt Mitzy!!  (ME!)

 Okay, Okay, I'll play with you and Royce..but just for a minute!

 Hanging out and talking to Jackie and Jim..he didn't want his pic taken though.

There's that sweet smile I know so well!!  

I made it to WV around 3:30.  I was quite proud of myself for not really speeding.  Usually I am a maniac when I travel long distances.  I just get sooo anxious to "be there!"  My mom and sister Courtney were in the area so they stopped by to visit.  Meredith was feeling a bit under the weather so she didn't go out to dinner and shopping with us.  Mer's hubby, Brent came with us.  It was nice spending some QT time together.  We had dinner at the most scrumptious restaurant called Tidewater Grill!!  I had lobster ravioli.  Tasty!!!  

 My mom and sister, Courtney (Lulu) :)

 My brother-in-law, Brent. 

 Family <3

 I took a sister pic before my mom and sis had to hit the road.  

mom. :)

Sunday, 8/21

I had a really nice Sunday with my sister, Meredith and Brent.  We went to church, the 11 o'clock service.  They attend Christ Church United Methodist.  It was a lovely service that focused on stewardship.  Afterwards, we had brunch at Bridge Street Bistro.  Then we went shopping--Marshall's, Pet Smart, Sams. After we got home we all napped! Haha.  The rest of the Sunday was pretty lazy and we just watched a movie.  I didn't take any pictures on Sunday.  Strange, I know, :)  I wish I would have taken a picture after church of Mer and Brent.  They looked so nice!!  

Monday, 8/22

LAZY day!!! :)  I didn't even get out of my jams this day.  Man, it had been a looooooong time since I bummed around for a whole day.  Brent went to work and Mer and I just chilled at home all day.  We napped and watched movies.  No pics!  Not that I would have posted them if I had taken some.  Me in no makeup is not a pretty sight!!!!!  

Tuesday, 8/23

Meredith and I spent the afternoon in Huntington with my brother.  We drove an hour to meet him at his campus.  He's working on his Master's degree at Marshall University.  We met up around 2:30 for a late lunch.  Afterwards we had dessert and then I checked out his dorm room.  (I felt old being around all those yougins!!)  :P  I took LOTS of pictures of our adventures!!!  :)

 We ate at Taste of Asia.

 Before lunch.

 Gosh, I love this kiddo!!!  AND he's 22 and and has gray hair....just like me!  Haha

 Meredith and Roy (He's Edward to everyone else, but to his fam he'll always be Roy.)

 I pretty much destroyed this bowl of edamame!

Purposely making weird faces!!! :P (It's a Pride thing!)

Of course I asked our server for a family pic! :)  (My brother and I are both lefties so we didn't have to bump elbows the whole meal!)

After lunch we went to Jim's restaurant for pie.  Jim's was opened in 1937.  JFK ate here while campaigning.  :)  

 I liked the place mats.

 My chocolate pie. YUM!

I think it's quite funny that we ate at 2 restaurants!  Hahaha...but people, we just had dessert at Jim's! :)

Afterwards, I insisted on checking out my bro's room.  

 Where my brother resides! :)

I made my brother pretend he was working hard.  He thinks I'm weird! (I am!)

All that was left to do after seeing my bro's dorm was saying goodbye.  I love you brother!!! :)

To wrap up my Tuesday I spent time with my awesome friends Billy and Travis.  They purchased a home several months back and since I was in town I just had to see them and their new place.  I went over to hang out around 9pm and left around 1am.  We had so much to talk about!! :-)  I just love these two soooooooo much!!  I've known Billy since he was a freshman in high school and I was a sophomore.  I met Travis when I was 22.  These two are hilarious and I was definitely laughing hysterically many times doing our time together.  Here are some great pics we took.  Enjoy!!

Best couple ever!! :)

 I'm so happy to still be friends with these two after all these years! :)

 Billy and me

Travy! :)

Well bloggers, that's my trip!!  I'm headed back to North Cackalacky in the AM after breakfast with Meredith.  I've loved being able to spend time with her!! :)  I'm also looking forward to my visit with my sister Jaclyn, Jim, and the kids tomorrow. :)  Of course I'm stopping by to spend time with them on my way back to Raleigh.  AND....I just might have a picture or two to share with you!!  Bedtime, folks!!  It's almost 2am....zzzzzzz

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