Friday, August 5, 2011

What a day!

Today was just crazy all around.  I don't think I've ever seen so many kids cry.  From the moment the day started until the last kiddo left the classroom at 3:15 was drama!  It all started with a stray pup that a student of mine saw get struck and  killed by a car while waiting for the school bus.  I got a heads up call from the front office about it before she got to the classroom.  She was a wreck when she came in too.  Poor little girl was just sobbing away.  While in the process of calming her down and finding one of the guidance counselors, here comes another little girl bawling her eyes out because of the dog.  I still don't know if she saw it or was just going off of what the other little girl had said to me??!  Thankfully the counselor made it to my classroom quickly and scooted both the girls off to her office to talk.  I kid you not, two minutes later another little girls is walking up to me crying because she dropped her chair on her toe.  So off to the office she went to get some ice.   I looked at the clock and it was only 8:25 am.  We'd been at school for 25 minutes (me too because I was running super late and walked in as the bell was ringing) and the class was falling apart.  In the process of me dealing with these three girls, the rest of the kids were super loud and off task.  It was chaos!

After the bell rang the kids continued to be super chatty and roweled up.  Friday is an exciting day of the week for us because we pull tickets for privileges and also we had "bank and buy" today (The classroom store is every other Friday and the kids get to spend their Pride Cash.) On top of that, we have Fun Friday every week and a parent was coming in to make circus finger puppets with the kids.  Oh, and in case you're wondering. the puppets turned out adorable!! :)

Anyway, all through snack I had a little girl coming up to me and telling me about how badly her tooth was hurting.  She has the world's loosest tooth (cringe) and refuses to wiggle it.  It's a front tooth too so she's having trouble eating.  She asked to get ice from the office and I told her a wet paper towel (my cure all) would do the trick.  Somehow we managed to make it to part 1 of recess (I have split recess this year because of my schedule) and the kids had earned 10 extra minutes.  So we were going to do 25 outside before lunch and 15 inside after lunch.  While outside, here comes a girl running towards me crying her little eyes out because she fell and hurt her nose.  Off to the office she went.  Thirty seconds later here comes a different girl crying because she bumped her head.  So I shipped her off to the office too.  On the way back to the classroom to get our lunches, etc., you guessed it, another girl crying.  It was the same little girl with the loose tooth.  I guess the pain was too much too bare, (hehe)  so it too was imperative for her to go to the front office.

6 criers all before 11:30.  Wow!!  I'm sure this is some kind of record!!

The afternoon continued to be crazy.  Bank and buy was hectic and filled with (loud) excitement from the kids spending their hard earned cash, but they really surprised me during Fun Friday and were super calm and quiet.  After the last kid left, I shut my door and hid.  It was nice too.  Not one person came in to talk to me (if you're a teacher you can appreciate this when you're trying to get work done) and I was able to grade and get my plans done for next week.

Oh, the wiggly tooth girl.  Her mother didn't take her our of school for a loose tooth.  She sent the nanny to bring some Ibuprofen and all was good again.  I asked her maybe 5 minutes after she took the meds how she felt and she told me she was feeling much better. crack me up! :)

And my poor little one who witnessed the doggy get hit.  She was a mess all day and cried off and on.  That broke my heart.  Any kiddo crying from any kind of pain makes me sad.  :(

Now the only thing for me to do now is enjoy my birthday weekend!  28 years old...AHHHHHHH!!!

P.S. Check out these earrings a student gave me for my birthday.  I love them!!  She actually gave me two pairs, but I left the other pair at school. DRATS!  Oh, and just for the record, the pictures are not good!!

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