Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a weekend! :-)

What a nice weekend it's been for Ms. Ashley Pride!  Why, you ask?  Well blog followers, I will tell you why! :)

Friday--I attended a super FUN Lia Sophia jewelry party.  I was invited by one of my student's parents.  The best part is my friend, Lisa from work was the one selling the jewelry so I didn't feel pressured at all to buy anything.  Of course I did though!  I got a super cute necklace called--out to sea. :)  Here's a picture of it I found on the Internet.  I didn't buy the matching earrings.

Saturday--I got my hair cut Saturday morning!  No more angled cut for me.  I want to try and grow it out so I got a cut that will look really good as it grows long.  Right now I'm not 100% in love with it, but I will be once I figure out how to style it.  Here's a look at the cut. 
Not a great pic of me but that's my new cut.

After getting my hair cut I went and got everything squared away with the storage unit I am renting for the next year. (Maybe longer?)  Since I'm moving in with the lovely Yazz in a couple weeks, and her place is already furnished, I am going to store what I won't know like my couches, coffee table, dining room table, washer, etc.  Originally I was renting a standard 10x10 with no climate control.  But when I got there the woman realized that when she told me a unit had come available she didn't notice it was climate controlled.  Since it was a mistake on her part, and there were no standard units available, I got a climate control unit for the same price as a standard one!  And there is a $40 difference between the two.  Sweet for me! :-)  Here's where my "stuff" will be living for who knows how long?!
Yes, I am aware that I am a dork for having my picture taken in here!!! :P
And since it's a climate controlled unit I have to go in a scary building!  It's like something out of a horror movie.  It's certainly spooky in there!!!

So I spent most of Saturday watching Jersey Shore (don't judge me!!) and packing.  I also got to spend some time with Guillermo for a few hours, and then I had my neighbor Erin over for wine and conversation.  She works at the same school as me and by complete coincidence she moved in next door.  I'm kinda bummed I'm leaving and we can't hang out more!

Sunday--The packing continued and Guillermo came over to help me move some things into the storage unit.  

It looks so bare in my living room!!  Weird!  Oh, I'm getting rid of that ridiculous TV.  If you're interested let me know!!!! 

Only a few of these boxes went to storage.

Me holding the keys to the unit and also looking horribly FAT!

After I got back from back from storage my family came over.  They came from Burlington to spent the day. :)

Jaclyn with the kiddos!  Just hanging out before we left for our Raleigh adventures! :)

I took them to Cameron Bar and Grill for lunch in Cameron Village.  I really love that place and was happy that they liked it too! Afterwards we walked around for a bit and then hit the mall.  We went to two very important places for a 4 and 6 year old--the Disney Store and the Lego Store. :)  Here are just a bunch of random photos from the afternoon.  Check them out! 

 Checking out the chairs at Pier One.
 Testing out the tent and sleeping bags at The Great Outdoor Provision Company,  
 Jackie and me. :-)  We were relaxing in some super sweet camping chairs. :)
 Every kiddo needs to ride the horse at the mall at least once in their life. :)
 And then ride the spaceship! haha
James was very excited after he picked out what he wanted from the Lego Store and used his own money. 
Royce was entertaining herself at GAP. :-)

It was a great weekend!  I was super excited too when I checked my mail and my new PINK Kindle case had come!  It's fits perfectly too!! :)  My Kindle is my new best friend!!  Thanks Guillermo for an AWESOME birthday gift! :)

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