Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's been happening?!

Hola!!  Long time, no blog!!  Well, I guess I last posted on Friday.  So really it's just been a couple of days since I last wrote.  A lot has happened since I last posted.  A hurricane blew through good ol' North Cackalack and I continued to box up my life and move it to either of two places: 1. my 10x10 storage unit or 2. my new place.  Let me just tell you all that a one bedroom apartment can hold a lot of junk!!  I hate how much stuff I have collected over the past 6 years.  I got rid of a fair amount too while packing.  I hauled an entire car load--seats folded down, blind spot blocked, packed full--to my sister's house in Burlington.  I told them to keep what they liked and sell the rest at their yearly yard sale.  And since that trip, I have another three boxes to pass along to them.  I know Jaclyn is going to like the Dooney and Burke purse I'm giving to her.  I've seen her eyeing it up on more than one occasion.  Why not pass along a perfectly good purse when I haven't carried it in over a year?!

Anyway, first I'm going to spend a moment talking about Hurricane Irene.  I know she really did some destruction along the coast, but not so much in Raleigh.  I will tell you her rainy weather made it great to take two, yes two naps on Saturday when she was blowing through.  The first nap was 11-1 and the second nap was from 3-5.  I think traveling to and from WV and sleeping not so good while I was visiting with my sister early last week, and then having to get up super early the last part of the week to sub just had me all sorts of worn out!  And the rainy weather is just perfect for sleeping!  I did do some packing (okay, minimal packing) between naps so it wasn't a total unproductive afternoon.  After I dragged myself out of bed at 5, I jumped in the shower and began preparing dinner and dessert for a much anticipated "hurricane party" my next door neighbor, and fellow teacher, Erin and I had planned.  It went a little something like this: I prepare dinner and she brings the drinks.  In this case, mojitos! :)  I made a veggie lasagna and brownies.  We had great conversation and lots of laughs.  Erin is AWESOME!!  I'm so happy her and I have become friends!  However, I will note that when I looked out the window during the par-tay this is what I saw.  Hardly a hurricane party!  LAME!

I see a pretty sky...not a FIERCE hurricane sky!

Anyway, here are some packing pictures...I never thought I would get it done!!!

All of this mess went to storage.  (Including the couches!!)

Thanks to my sweet friend, Erin for letting me borrow her plastic tubs!!  All of this craziness went to my new place!  

Hard at work.  The guys were about finished and our first stop was storage to get rid of my couches, washer, and dining room table.  

 Comfiest couch ever...you will be missed!!  

All filled up!  It's weird looking at my stuff just put away and getting no use!  At least the dryer will be used.  Yazz's died.  

 My new room.

 Thank goodness for TWO closets! :)

I told the moving men to leave my stuff in Yazz's living room and I would figure out where it needed to go.  What a mess!

 Furniture in place!

Where do I even begin?!  

I was a little overwhelmed after the moving company left.  I had so much stuff in the living room and I knew I needed to get that mess out of there before Yazz got home from work.  Would you want to come home to THAT?!  It didn't take long to move things where they needed to be and start making some progress with unpacking.  I will tell you that I will put off unpacking my clothes for as long as possible.  I HATE hanging up clothes!!!  

Here's what I've done so far.  

 Not too sure this is going to stay this way.  Just having some fun for now! :)

Please note that the fuzzy thing in the bottom left of the picture is my Ceci girl! :)

Yeah I agree, it doesn't look like I've done too much.  I still have a lot of stuff in my car too because the HUGE rain storm we got this evening.  I've got TONS of clothes on hangers in my backseat!  You know you're a lazy bones when you move your closet and don't take the clothes off the hangers!!  HA!

I will say shortly after the movers left I became pretty bummed out.  I realized that they broke the stand of my full length mirror.  The left leg is broken and the mirror is majorly leaning.  I was pretty upset because not only did I give, yes give away this ridiculous TV (see below) to one of the movers because no one on Craigslist would buy it even after lowering the price 4 times, but I also gave each of the three movers a tip.  

The TV I REFUSED to store or take to my new casa!

Plus, they scraped up the corner of my sleigh bed.  I was more disgusted than anything because I felt like I was taken advantage of.  If they would have been honest and just told me about the mirror I wouldn't have been mad. Things break!  So I talked to my brother-in-law and he's taking care of everything. He says they will reimburse me for the mirror.  I hope so.  It's almost 20 years old.

So not only did I have the moving to deal with today, but I had to take my ball of fluff to the vet too.  I knew something was going on with her.  She wasn't acting right.  She has a UTI and her dermatitis has flared up and she has one heck of a nasty sore under her tongue.  Poor Ceci!  She's on meds for both and hopefully she'll be better in no time!!  She's snuggled up beside me now.  :)  She was pretty much traumatized earlier today when the movers came and I had to lock her in the bathroom.  I let her out of the bathroom before I left with the guys, and when I came back to get her a couple hours later she was FREAKING out!  She didn't know what to think with an empty house!  When I got her cat carrier out of the closet she walked right in!  I was shocked!!!  Usually she will bolt at the sight of her carrier.  Not today.  She wanted to get the heck out of there! :)  Too bad for her the next stop was the vet.  She was soooooooooooo mad at me too.  Oh well, it was all for her.  Here she is tonight exploring her new home.

Today was a really busy day!  I'm spent!!  I was going to sub tomorrow, but I really need to get my apartment cleaned so I can turn in my keys and be done with that place.  I have nothing against that apartment complex, I just cannot bring myself to paying $799 a month for the next year.  No way!!  On my salary I'll never get ahead if I keep living there.  Night!

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