Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Whiter teeth? Yes, please!

I love Groupon.  I think it's the best creation ever! :)  Since joining the site I've bought Groupons for Pure Barre (work out studio), a couple restaurants, clothing boutique, ziplining, and I also bought one for teeth whitening.  If I weren't a poor school teacher I'm sure I'd buy much more.  This website can be dangerous, especially since it stores your credit information!

Anyway, today I used my Groupon for teeth whitening.  It was an awesome deal too.  $129 for a whiter smile?  Sure, I'll take it.  Prior to visiting Smiles of Cary, I was told to use Sensidyne toothpaste two weeks before my appointment and to take some Advil a hour prior to  coming in.  So when I got there I filled out some paperwork and then I was taken back.  The guy who completed the procedure was super nice.  The Zoom Teeth Whitening system is what was used.  After a prep to cover my lips and gums, the whitening gel was added and then the UV light was shined on my teeth for three 15 minute sessions.  In between each session the gel was removed and reapplied.  

The first two sessions were great.  Easy and no pain of any kind.  About halfway through the 3rd session I began getting an extremely painful shooting pain in one of my bottom teeth.  I did my best to ignore it and the pain went away after a few seconds.  For the remainder of the 3rd session that only happened one other time.  Afterwards when everything was taken off my mouth, (mouth guard, protective gel on my gums, gauze galore)   I was getting all sorts of shooting pains in my nerves.  On my way out, the guy realized he didn't put the soothing gel on my teeth to help prevent my teeth from being overly sensitive.  Oh my gosh, I was dying at this point.  While sitting there with this gel on my teeth they were throbbing and I was getting random shooting pains in my nerves.  I told the hygienist that I was having a lot of pain and he used an even stronger gel.  At first I was feeling okay, and then towards the end of the ten minutes (that's how long the gel needed to be on my teeth) the pain was so horrible that I wanted to scream to get it off my teeth.  

On the way to my car I was holding my mouth and pretty much moaning because it hurt so badly.  Fortunately, that pain subsided pretty quickly.  I slept for a couple hours when I got home and I wasn't woken up with mouth pain or anything like that.  I took some extra strength Tylenol and had some pasta (white sauce since they told me no red sauce for two days) and water and my teeth are throbbing at this point.  I have a pretty high tolerance to pain but this just sucks!  I knew ahead of time that this whitening procedure could easily make my teeth sensitive, but I had no idea I would be experiencing shooting nerve pain.  I'm not going to write off the Zoom Teeth Whitening system  yet since it's only the first day, but if the nerve zaps keep happening tomorrow I might have to discourage others from doing it.  

I'm going to take some more Tylenol and get to bed. The hygienist told me that my teeth will look even whiter tomorrow than they do now. YES!! I'm sad though that I can't have any coffee, chocolate, red sauces, dark drinks, etc, for two days.  How am I going to function without coffee?!  EEK!  Oh well, a small price to pay for vanity.  Now, if the nerve pain continues I retract that statement!

If you're interested in knowing more about Zoom, check out their website HERE.  

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  1. ESHK! I could NEVER do that!!! I already have super sensitive teeth on a normal basis and I think it was due to using crest white strips. The dentist gave me special tooth paste to use in my retainers (at night while I sleep) for 1 week prior to at home whitening for 1 day. I can't imagine doing what you did! Hopefully it's better today and not permanently more sensitive...


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