Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The dust is starting to settle

I moved 1 week ago. Let me just tell you that MOVING IS NOT FUN! I am FINALLY done moving boxes and tubs and shuffling things around. Every box has been unpacked and things are (almost) where they are supposed to me. I turned in my keys to #207 and was so happy to not have to move another thing outta that place. #201 (new home) is shaping up nicely. I've got things hanging up on the wall and decorations in place. My zillion items of clothing have been hung up (each second seemed to be torture to me) and I even parted with two bags of clothes. I gave my sister LOTS of boxes of "stuff"" for her yard sale and am happy she was able to find some treasures in what I considered junk! :) Ashley Pride is no hoarder, folks!

Here are a couple pictures of my new room.

 I hung the sunburst mirror myself.  Not easy!  I dropped it on the floor and was sooooo grateful it didn't break.  :)

Sorry the pic is so dark. 

The worst part of the whole move was hanging up all of my clothes.

Living with Yazz is great. It's nice to have someone to talk at night. Her poochie, Ace is the best and my naughty Ceci girl seems to be warming up to him. Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves, she still has hissed and batted at him a few times, but for the most part she is pretty good. I keep her in my bedroom/bathroom when I'm not home and at night. When I'm home I let her roam around freely. I don't want her out and about during the day when I'm not home because I don't know how she will be towards Ace. She's just a feisty little thing!

Anyway, what else has been going on? Well, I'm currently training for a 10 mile run (check it out: Tobacoo Trail 10 miler) I'm gonna kill in October, (gotta get myself pumped when I'm running that kind of distance) but so far it's killing me. 4th week in and I'm finally starting to get around to some actual training. I'll tell you that I hated every single step I took on Sunday when I was running around my hood. I never stopped but man I looked at my watch more than a few times. I'm running today, tomorrow, and Thursday. I gotta build up my endurance. I love having my running partner, Erin. Running with her is so much more entertaining than running alone, and I'm learning how to talk while running. I've always been an ear buds in, music blasting, focus on the breathing kind of girl, but talking makes the run go faster and helps me to keep my mind off a certain gentleman. :/

I'm in my final week of track out. Having time away from work and time for me is so nice and relaxing. I like being able to get away from my usual routine and have a few weeks to mix things up. I can't really complain about the lack of pay because the amount of time I get off in a year is worth it. I'll have subbed a total of 7 days (not too shabby) this break and that will pay for my move and maybe some of my vet bill for C. By the way, she is feeling much better. She's not scratched once and she's even been more snuggly lately.

I spent Labor Day in Burlington with my family. A few pic to share. :)


 She looked too pretty not to include this photo....eyes closed and all. 

 Royce came in and informed us she was a pirate cowgirl. :)

She was all ready to play in the rain.  It stopped two minutes later. ;-)

I can't wait to have kids of my own one day. :)

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