Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good Company

Saturday was a for the girls.  Erin, Yazz, Kim, and I spent some quality time together downtown.  Our initially plan of din/drinks/sports watching at Tobacco Road fell through with the ridiculously long wait, so we settled on food at Hibernian.  After LOTS of laughs and stories we headed back to Tobacco Road to have a couple more drinks.  What were we met with?  A $15 cover for a fight playing on TV and a 2 hour wait!!  Forget that!  So off to the Flying Saucer we went for more girl time and my very favorite Brooklyn Brown Ale.

 Roomies :-)

 Kim and Erin

 Yazz just being Yazz :P


 Hanging at FS

 Pretty ladies! 

This was supposed to be a goofy face pic.  Only Yazz followed through! :) (I tried!!)

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