Friday, September 9, 2011

Mallory and Celeste's Surprise Birthday Party---AND Yazz's 25th birthday TODAY!

Mallory and Celeste are currently engaged to two terrific guys, Mike and Kyle.  These two planned a joint surprise birthday party for their ladies in just one short week. Their birthdays weren't today (Mallory's-9/9 and Celeste's 9/11) so they were a little confused as to why we were jumping out and screaming, "SURPRISE!!" :0)  About 20 people came and we were lucky enough to have Mike's awesome cooking---homemade hummus with roasted red peppers on top, a yummy bean dip filled with corn, cilantro, onions, and some super hot peppers, a low country boil, and my favorite--a chocolate cake.  :)  It was so nice to be able to relax and enjoy everyone's company.  :)  It was a great time!!

Highlights of the night:

 Mallory and Celeste were so surprised when we all jumped out. :)

 Yazz and Celeste 

 Stephanie and Yazzers

 Amanda came even though she's still feeling under the weather from the plague she's been fighting for a week.

 Hanging out, chatting it up.

 Amanda and me.  She figured out the mystery of my recent dark pictures.  Thanks, girl!

 Amanda (AKA urban hippie!!)  and Kim

Kim, Rebecca, Celeste, Amanda, Stephanie

 Eddie and Yazz--today was her 25th birthday.

 Joe and Amanda 

 left-Stephanie middle-Rebecca right-Celeste

 Singing Happy Birthday.

What, no candles??  Hey, this Yankie Candle with three wicks will work juuuuust fine!   

 September birthday girls

 Adam and Stephanie

 Saying our goodbyes

 Yazz and Mallory

 Celeste showing off her new rolling pin from William and Sonoma.  A gift from her wedding registry--she's getting married in three weeks. :)

 Before Yazz and Eddie took a birthday shot.  Oh Celeste, gotta love those silly faces!

 All three of them making faces!! :)


Since today was Yazz's birthday I picked her up a little something for her special day.  Here she is opening her gifts:

 Yazz posing with Acie Poo before opening her gifts.

 Almost there!

 I got her a super cute necklace and earrings from Aldo (not just a great shoe store, people.  They have really cute jewelry and purses too!)

Yazz is planning to wear her new jewels with the adorable strapless dress she bought for Celeste's wedding. (My flash wasn't on...sorry for the poor quality.)

It was a great day!  I love my friends.  God is very good to me! :)


  1. I am an urban hippie. ;) LOVE YOU TONS!

  2. Aweee ... love this post and YOU! Thanks for coming to celebrate. Very lucky to have you in my life. :)

  3. i love looking at all your pics!! :) maybe i'll get my blog going again soon...?


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