Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Milestone

All of you know I have a cat.  Her name is Ceci.  I adopted her when my grandmother was on her death bed. I happily took her under my wing to give her a good home.  :)

She's not your typical, sweet snuggly cat.  She hisses, is incredible skiddish, and can be mean.  Yazz has already given her two nicknames since I moved in with her: Diva (because she walks around like she owns the place) and Boss (because her dog, Ace is scared of her.)  I don't really understand why Acie Poo is frightened of her?  She's declawed and is actually a scaredy cat!  He is though.

Anyway, this January will make 6 years since I brought her to North Cackalacky.  In those 6 years Ceci has never once sat on my lap....that is until last night!!  Yazz and I were just hanging out in the kitchen talking.  Acie was snuggled up in the corner taking a little snooze and Ceci was just meowing away and nudging at my legs.  The next thing I know she jumps up on my lap.  I started petting her and she made herself right at home on my lap.  I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!!  My phone was on the table so I quickly had Yazz take a picture.  I just had to freeze this moment. Look at my ball of fluff just chilling out with her mama!

This pictures makes me so happy. :)  And yes, I am aware that I am portraying myself as a weird cat lady.  Oh well!! :P

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  1. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a crazy cat lady! ;)


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