Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's up, y'all?!

It's been almost a week since I last posted. I've been having a whole lot of "me time" these days and I am LOVING it!  No emotionally unavailable boyfriend, no stress, no drama, just ME! Happy lil' Ashley.  I've been really focusing a great deal on preparing for my 10 mile race at the Tobacco Trail on October 22nd.  I'm excited to share I worked out 5 days last week!  3 runs (one being a 5 miler) and two PHX (Power Hour Xtreme) classes at the YMCA.

Not too many of you know that I have been really down on myself lately with how much weight I've gained over the past two years.  But I've gotten my act together, altered my diet, and am working out like I used to.  I was sooooooo excited when I put on a pair of jeans Friday and they weren't tight!  I could have done a happy dance right there! :0)

I know that having a friend to work out with has DEFINITELY got me even more motivated than I would be training for this race alone.  I've gained an awesome running/work out partner that motivates me like no other to keep moving no matter how awful I feel.  Erin (or Aaron as a little inside joke) ROCKS! Her and I teach together.  I love hitting the pavement with her and now we've moved on to taking classes at the gym together. She joined me Saturday morning for the PHX class.  It was so much nicer getting my butt kicked with a friend than taking the class solo.  And tomorrow she's motivated me to get out of bed EARLY for a 5:45 cycling class.  EEK!  That's earrrrrrrrly!!

Erin, Amanda (she's running the race too), and I ran 6 miles this morning.  Oh my goshhhhhh, talk about a killer run.  SO HARD!  The humidity was awful.  I was seriously soaked by the time we finished.  A hellacious run, but so rewarding after we finished.   These girls kept me going!  We all agreed that if we weren't running together we would have quit.  I just love my friends!  Fortunately we only have a 4 mile run for the long run this week.  But then there's a 7 miler the weekend after.  EEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!

Another cool thing about gaining Erin as a work out partner is her and I are becoming great friends!  We hang out all the time and we just have so much to talk about.

Erin and I on our "first date." hahahaha

  I don't know what I'd do without my girlfriends?!

Anyway, this coming month has lots to look forward to:

*Saturday, 10/1-International Festival
*Friday, 10/14- my Lia Sophia Jewelry Party  (Evites going out soon)
*10/13th-23rd The State Fair--I can't wait for some horribly delicious fried food!!  :)
AND.....MY 10 Mile RACE!!!!!! (10/22)

October is going to be a good month! :-)

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  1. What is the International Festival?

    And.... If you are willing to share, what kind of 'diet' are you on?
    I need to shed 20-25 lbs.


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