Monday, October 24, 2011

Morgantown In Motion

I'm from Morgantown, WV.  Born and raised baby!  

Check out this AMAZING time lapse video I found on YouTube.  This guy, Chad Griffith created this video by filming his favorite spots in Morgantown over a year's time.  It's really cool and it makes me super proud to be from Morgantown. :)

 If you like what you see then you ought to check out his website:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

ATT 10 miler

Race day has come and gone.  I have to give a HUGE shout out to my running friends, Erin, Amanda, and Joe for racing hard and making it to the finish.

We all met up around 7:45am to ride together.  The women started racing at 8:50 and the men at 9:00am.  The first 6 miles were golden and pretty easy for me.  However, I ran way too hard the first three of the race and that made miles 7-10 pretty rough.  By the time mile 9 rolled around I was miserable!   BUT, I pushed through and I made it.  My time was pretty sweet too!  I was shooting for 1:44 but I crossed the finish at 1:40:24.  SWEEEEET!!!  Back in April when I ran the Tar Heel 10 miler I wrapped the race at 1:48:44.  I'm super excited that I blew my old time out of the water, but at the same time I have to take into account that there weren't hills for this race and I had to push through a mother of a hill at mile 9 when I was running the Tar Heel 10 miler.  

Check out the pics we took!

 We're gonna ROCK this race!

 En route to the Tobacco Trail

 You don't even want to mess with this one!


Before we headed to the start.

What's next you ask?  Wellllll, it's a little something I like to call the 13.1 New York race in NYC on March 24, 2012!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHH, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!  :)  Erin and I are going to continue training together and we're gonne KILL this run!  Just you wait and see! ;-)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tobacco Trail 10 Miler---It's a'comin!!!

My 10 mile race is this Saturday!!  OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHH!!  I am super stoked!!  I've been lucky enough to train with Erin, Amanda, and Amanda's husband, Joe throughout this process.  I love running with Erin and Amanda.  We've done all of our long runs together--5, 7, and 8 miles up to this point.  And let me tell you friends, if you think I'm a naturally hyper, upbeat girl, then you don't even want to see me after coffee and sports beans!  Erin commented how she couldn't even get in a word edgewise before the 8 mile run because I was so hyped up. :)

Out of all of the long runs, the 8 mile one has been the hardest on my body.  I felt like my knees were blown out for two days. It's a good thing a psycho killer wasn't out to get me because I couldn't have even run away if I tried.  I was in some PAIN!!!  Fortunately, I feel better now and am soooo excited about the race on Saturday. I cannot wait to put on my bib and run run run!! :)

When I ran the Tar Heel 10 miler back in April my time was 1:48:44.  Erin and I have mapped out our time per mile and if all goes as planned I will for sure be beating that time. :)  I'll let y'all know my official race time!!

Amanda and Joe are having Erin and me over for a tasty, carb packed spaghetti dinner Friday night!  I'm looking forward to hanging out and having some good food!  :)  I'm lucky to be surrounded by such great peeps!! :)

NC State Fair

On Sunday, a few gals and myself decided to get together for some State Fair action.  Kim, Yazz, Anna B., and myself headed out around 6ish for some food, animals, food, fun, and food.  :0)  I love my girls!!

Not a whole lot to write about, but LOTS of pictures to share!  :)

Pretentious Yasmeen.

 Yazz rocking the "sweater around the neck" look.  

 Let's talk about CHICKS, man!

Anna and Kim in a super STINKY building with lots of livestock. 

 That's one big melon!


 Anna B. and me

 I loveeeeeee Kim!

 Cute little chicklets having a snack. 


He's a cute goat!

 yummmmmm...buttery corn-on-the-cob

 I'm about to devour that cheese steak and fries!!  (I shared with Yazzers!)

Weird!  How can you deep fry liquid?!

 Trying to feed Yazz a carrot before the petting zoo. :)

 He was a FAST little eater!

 Feeding Mr. Camel.

 Lots of love to give the animals!

 Why the long face, B?

 Awwww, Yazz and Mr. Camel sharing a moment. :)


 Look who we ran into!!! MALLORY!!!! :)

 I love this woman!

 Mal and Yazz

 Mallory and Kyle, soon to be husband and wife.  Kyle squooshed the cotton candy during a little conversation that made him a bit uncomfortable!!! haha!

 Funnel cake!!  We all dug into this treat, only to find a HAIR in it after it was nearly gone., BARFFFFF!


I love my friends. <3

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Thomas and I used to date a loooooooong time ago.  We're just friends now.

Our first "couple" pic taken wayyyyyy back in 2006.  I was barely 23.  

We were actually talking after dinner tonight and we'll have known each other 5 years at the end of this month.  I'm so happy that he and I have been able to stay friends even after dating for 2 1/2 years.

Anyway, he moved to Highpoint at the end of August and I haven't seen him since he left. :(  He came to Raleigh tonight to take me out for a very belated birthday dinner. (I turned 28 on August 7th.)  He and I LOVE sushi so we went to Sono in Raleigh. Unfortunately, Thomas doesn't share my love for pictures so I only got like 2.  Boo!!

Happy sushi dinner to us!

 Thomas and me.  Car shot! :)

parking garage self pic

When we were together we had a dinner date at least once a week.  He and I almost always had sushi. As usual we ordered a ridiculous amount of food and Thomas ordered his two pieces of squid and octopus.  Ick!  My favorite is eel.  Dinner was great and it was just like old times.  I missed my friend!  

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hill Ridge Farms

Today I went to the Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville with my family.  I hadn't seen them in about a month and was really happy to be able to spend time with them.  I will say that although this place is really cool and awesome for kids, it's quite a drive.  And of course my GPS got me lost twice!  It wouldn't be right if I didn't get lost at least once!  The weather was beautiful and I even managed to get sunburn on my neck and chest.

James and Royce were so sweet the whole time and really took advantage of playing in hay! :)  It's sweet how much they love me and want to be by me.  James wanted to ride down the "Giant Mountain Slide" with his Aunt Mitz. (me!!)  How could I ever say no?!  It was cute because he was so nervous too.  Besides the slide, the kids played in two mazes, a bouncy house, the fort, danced, ate tasty kettle corn and funnel cake, and played a ducky race game.  Oh, and who could forget the hay ride to the pumpkin patch before we headed home!

It was a really great time and I have to admit that I was sad when it was time to say goodbye.  But my mom and dad are coming to NC this week and I am looking forward to more family time.  I hope they will be able to make their way to Raleigh to see my new place and meet Yazz.  If not, it doesn't matter, because I will for sure be visiting them in Burlington!

Enjoy the pics!

 My brother-in-law, Jim sent this pic to me with the message: two girls texting. :)

Yay for pumpkins and an upcoming pumpkin carving party!! :)

I'm really so lucky to have Jaclyn, Jim, and the kids so close (just an hour away.)  I love the time we spend together.  And I have the best niece and nephew EVER! :) :) :)