Sunday, October 23, 2011

ATT 10 miler

Race day has come and gone.  I have to give a HUGE shout out to my running friends, Erin, Amanda, and Joe for racing hard and making it to the finish.

We all met up around 7:45am to ride together.  The women started racing at 8:50 and the men at 9:00am.  The first 6 miles were golden and pretty easy for me.  However, I ran way too hard the first three of the race and that made miles 7-10 pretty rough.  By the time mile 9 rolled around I was miserable!   BUT, I pushed through and I made it.  My time was pretty sweet too!  I was shooting for 1:44 but I crossed the finish at 1:40:24.  SWEEEEET!!!  Back in April when I ran the Tar Heel 10 miler I wrapped the race at 1:48:44.  I'm super excited that I blew my old time out of the water, but at the same time I have to take into account that there weren't hills for this race and I had to push through a mother of a hill at mile 9 when I was running the Tar Heel 10 miler.  

Check out the pics we took!

 We're gonna ROCK this race!

 En route to the Tobacco Trail

 You don't even want to mess with this one!


Before we headed to the start.

What's next you ask?  Wellllll, it's a little something I like to call the 13.1 New York race in NYC on March 24, 2012!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHH, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!  :)  Erin and I are going to continue training together and we're gonne KILL this run!  Just you wait and see! ;-)

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