Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hill Ridge Farms

Today I went to the Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville with my family.  I hadn't seen them in about a month and was really happy to be able to spend time with them.  I will say that although this place is really cool and awesome for kids, it's quite a drive.  And of course my GPS got me lost twice!  It wouldn't be right if I didn't get lost at least once!  The weather was beautiful and I even managed to get sunburn on my neck and chest.

James and Royce were so sweet the whole time and really took advantage of playing in hay! :)  It's sweet how much they love me and want to be by me.  James wanted to ride down the "Giant Mountain Slide" with his Aunt Mitz. (me!!)  How could I ever say no?!  It was cute because he was so nervous too.  Besides the slide, the kids played in two mazes, a bouncy house, the fort, danced, ate tasty kettle corn and funnel cake, and played a ducky race game.  Oh, and who could forget the hay ride to the pumpkin patch before we headed home!

It was a really great time and I have to admit that I was sad when it was time to say goodbye.  But my mom and dad are coming to NC this week and I am looking forward to more family time.  I hope they will be able to make their way to Raleigh to see my new place and meet Yazz.  If not, it doesn't matter, because I will for sure be visiting them in Burlington!

Enjoy the pics!

 My brother-in-law, Jim sent this pic to me with the message: two girls texting. :)

Yay for pumpkins and an upcoming pumpkin carving party!! :)

I'm really so lucky to have Jaclyn, Jim, and the kids so close (just an hour away.)  I love the time we spend together.  And I have the best niece and nephew EVER! :) :) :) 

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