Saturday, October 1, 2011

A LONGGGG week in reiview


This week was so busy for me!  I am glad it's over.  Report cards went home this week.  That right there says it all.  Talk about a process.  The assessing that has to be done in order to determine a final grade is hard on its own.  But then actually figuring out the grade and writing the comments are enough to drive a sane person crazy.  Thank goodness I'm already crazy!  Ha!

Anyway, I really don't stress about report cards anymore.  I've done them 25 times now and I feel like I have a pretty good system.  I see how stressed my coworkers get and then I worry for a second that maybe there's something wrong with me because I'm not stressing.  Then I stop, push that silly worry out of my head, and continue on.  To me it's just not worth getting stressed over.  I'm not saying that because I don't care about them, (of course I do) but it's because I know they're going to get done and go home on the scheduled date.

Next topic.

This week I've been pretty sore from exercising.  After the 6 mile run we ran on Sunday my knees and shins were in pretty bad shape.  I have a new pair of running shoes but I don't wear them.  Why you ask?  Well because they make my feet numb to the point that I feel like I am running with bricks affixed to my feet.  I really do not like them at all.  I've worn them 5 times: 3 times running and 2 times to the Y.  Because I was soooo broke in September I couldn't afford to get a new pair.  I had to resort back to wearing old running shoes.  I alternate between two pairs.  I wore my old Nikes Sunday and they are just as horrible as the pair of Asics I have.  I was in some serious pain for a couple days.

Monday morning Erin and I hit the Y at 5:45am for a spinning class.  Ugh, I was ready to quit after 15 minutes!  (I didn't!) My left knee ached the entire hour.  After that, I knew I was taking Tuesday and Wednesday off to give my body some recovery time.

On Thursday I went to the Y again for a 45 minute PHX class at 5:45.  There were a lot of people there for so early in the morning.  Including 7, YES 7 men!  :)  It was a killer class but I survived.  That evening I went running with Erin.  We did hill training.  OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHH! It was very difficult.  We ran 4 miles and celebrated with a MONSTER veggie pizza at Ruckus.  We earned that baby!!  Also, while we were running I talked some more with Erin about my "numbing" running shoes.  She thinks that either they are the wrong type of shoe for my foot or I need to break them in.  Who knows?  But I am going to Fleet Feet today to figure out EXACTLY what I need.

Besides report cards and getting fit, my week was pretty boring.  One night I worked until 7:30.  That made for a long day.  And 3 nights this week I was in bed between 9 and 9:30.  I guess I was tired!

This weekend is going to be great!  Erin and I are going to the International Festival this afternoon and I am running 7 miles Sunday with Erin and Amanda.  We were originally scheduled for a 4 mile run, but Amanda is going out of town the weekend we are supposed to run 7.  We love her and agreed to switch weekends.  And the weather's going to be nice and cool Sunday so I have no problem pushing myself 3 extra miles.

Oh, and speaking of running, I have some EXCITING news to share with y'all.  Just not yet!!! :P

And to end my post I'd like to share a cute craft my kids did on Wednesday to celebrate earning 75 cheetah spots (compliments) from other people in the school.

The little boy who made this one has the coolest personality for a 7 year old! 

It's not too often that I break out the glitter.  It was EVERYWHERE!  It's still in the carpet.  I bet the custodians just love me!  


  1. Joe's feet would go numb even with his 'right' running shoes and just had to tie them a lot loser. No pain anywhere, just the numbness, so now he ties they VERY lose. Weird to me, but that works for him. Maybe try that?

  2. Sneakers: you need a new running shoe that supports the type of feet you have.

    Ps- love your leaves but I HATE Glitter! Lol


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