Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NC State Fair

On Sunday, a few gals and myself decided to get together for some State Fair action.  Kim, Yazz, Anna B., and myself headed out around 6ish for some food, animals, food, fun, and food.  :0)  I love my girls!!

Not a whole lot to write about, but LOTS of pictures to share!  :)

Pretentious Yasmeen.

 Yazz rocking the "sweater around the neck" look.  

 Let's talk about CHICKS, man!

Anna and Kim in a super STINKY building with lots of livestock. 

 That's one big melon!


 Anna B. and me

 I loveeeeeee Kim!

 Cute little chicklets having a snack. 


He's a cute goat!

 yummmmmm...buttery corn-on-the-cob

 I'm about to devour that cheese steak and fries!!  (I shared with Yazzers!)

Weird!  How can you deep fry liquid?!

 Trying to feed Yazz a carrot before the petting zoo. :)

 He was a FAST little eater!

 Feeding Mr. Camel.

 Lots of love to give the animals!

 Why the long face, B?

 Awwww, Yazz and Mr. Camel sharing a moment. :)


 Look who we ran into!!! MALLORY!!!! :)

 I love this woman!

 Mal and Yazz

 Mallory and Kyle, soon to be husband and wife.  Kyle squooshed the cotton candy during a little conversation that made him a bit uncomfortable!!! haha!

 Funnel cake!!  We all dug into this treat, only to find a HAIR in it after it was nearly gone., BARFFFFF!


I love my friends. <3

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