Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tobacco Trail 10 Miler---It's a'comin!!!

My 10 mile race is this Saturday!!  OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHH!!  I am super stoked!!  I've been lucky enough to train with Erin, Amanda, and Amanda's husband, Joe throughout this process.  I love running with Erin and Amanda.  We've done all of our long runs together--5, 7, and 8 miles up to this point.  And let me tell you friends, if you think I'm a naturally hyper, upbeat girl, then you don't even want to see me after coffee and sports beans!  Erin commented how she couldn't even get in a word edgewise before the 8 mile run because I was so hyped up. :)

Out of all of the long runs, the 8 mile one has been the hardest on my body.  I felt like my knees were blown out for two days. It's a good thing a psycho killer wasn't out to get me because I couldn't have even run away if I tried.  I was in some PAIN!!!  Fortunately, I feel better now and am soooo excited about the race on Saturday. I cannot wait to put on my bib and run run run!! :)

When I ran the Tar Heel 10 miler back in April my time was 1:48:44.  Erin and I have mapped out our time per mile and if all goes as planned I will for sure be beating that time. :)  I'll let y'all know my official race time!!

Amanda and Joe are having Erin and me over for a tasty, carb packed spaghetti dinner Friday night!  I'm looking forward to hanging out and having some good food!  :)  I'm lucky to be surrounded by such great peeps!! :)

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