Saturday, October 8, 2011

Triangle Run/Walk for Autism

Today was the 13th annual Triangle Run/Walk for Autism hosted by the Autism Society of North Carolina.  This is my second year in a row running the race.  I have a co-worker whose son is autistic.  She formed Team Joseph just for him.  Last year when we ran, I think there was probably 10-12 people on the team.  This year the team was probably 15-20 people.  Talk about AWESOME!!!!

I love races.  It's always exciting!  Lots of people, music, free food (yes!), and for this 5k there were several people with tables set up selling things or promoting autism awareness.   Last year I ran the race cold.  I did no training to prepare for the race and  showed up to the race with a goal to not stop running.  (I succeeded.) This year was a different story.  I'm training for my 10 mile run (in 2 weeks!!!!) and have been doing lots of running.  I keep all my race bibs and write my times on the back.  (I like to keep track.)  Last year I finished the race in 32:10 and this year I finished in 27:42.  SWEET! :)  Erin and I ran this race together and that girl can run.  I run to keep up!!! :) HA!

Here are a couple pictures.

 Before the race. Team Joseph!!!

 Jake ended up running with Erin and me.  He finished before we did! :)

Stormy showed up! Erin snapped a pick with her niece, Emma. :)

Pancakes at IHop with Erin's parents and niece followed the race.  And in typical Ashley Pride fashion, a nap when I got home. ;) 

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