Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I've known my friend, Yasmeen (Yazz) for almost 2 years.  I met her through my bible study.  Her and I also live together! I moved in at the end of August.  I just love her!!! She's so fun to be around and honest too which is really important.  I really appreciate her and the things she does for me.

Dinner at Hibernian.  

Yazz and Eddie have been together for a long time.  They're great together.  They crack me up and I love hanging out with them.  They are especially cool because I've been the "third wheel" a lot lately.  (And just for the record it sucks being a third wheel!!!!)  Anyway, they got engaged at the beginning of October.  He proposed to her at the fair.  On the Ferris Wheel.  When the fireworks were going off.  When she told me the next day I squealed and jumped up and down!!! haha

Yazz and Eddie

A couple weeks ago Yazz asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.  ME!!!!!!! :)  How honored am I that she would ask me to be in her wedding?!  She unofficially asked with a note to me on my bathroom mirror and with two boxes--a YES box and a NO box. I checked YES!!! hahaha.  She officially asked each of her 6 bridesmaids with a super pretty bouquet of flowers.  Check them out!!! :)

I'm so excited for Yazz and Eddie's marriage!  They're getting married on October 13, 2012.  Being a bridesmaid is going to be so fun!  I love my friend!! :) 

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