Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My PC's sick!

I half killed my computer. :(  I stepped on it.  Yup, I put my laptop on the floor by the chair I was sitting in and when I got up I stepped on it.  I really didn't put too much pressure on it either.  It didn't matter though.  When I opened it up to use it this is what I saw staring back at me.  

How ugly is that?!  I called an electronic repair place and was quoted between $200-$250 to replace the LCD panel.  Gosh, that's half the cost of the computer!!!  I was going to wait until January to have it fixed, but I just can't look at this ugly crack that long.  I reached out to a friend today and after taking the screen apart myself (YES, me) I was able to give him the code and order a new one off of EBay for $60!!!  YES!!!!!!  It will be here Saturday.  I wonder how hard it will be to replace the panel?  I'll let you know!!!

The moral of the story:  Don't leave your laptop on the floor! 

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