Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011--A picture diary

 awesome filter to show off an awesome tree

the pooches: versace and armani

Dominique multi-tasking 

 pretty earnings from Santa Mom

 I don't know what was so funny but I really like this pic!

 Lulu liked her monogrammed 31 bag I got her. 

 Shannon got bro a Kenneth Cole messenger bag. 

 pretty sis

 love them!

 rocking my bro's glasses.

 Dom looks like Waldo. 

 Santa Mom and Dad were good to me this Christmas.  (Our gifts are displayed.)

 dinner at Los Mariachis

 lunch at the Boston Beanery.

 a blurry Christmas 


 awesome rainbow filter on my iPhone (iNugget as Dom calls it.)

 blurry bro

 margarita at Los Mariachis

We had a WHOLE LOT of luggage to transport.  :)

snuggle buggle

Merry Christmas! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving in Boone-a recap!

This year for Thanksgiving I went to Boone with my sister, Jaclyn, brother-in-law, Jim, and my niece and the nephew, Royce and James.  We had such a GREAT time!!!

Before we left Burlington I got a special visit from a pilgrim and an Indian named Hunter Buffalo!

All packed up and ready to roll.

First morning in Boone. :)

Pouty girl.  

Hide out!

My sister cooked an AMAZING dinner on Thanksgiving.  My favorite being the sweet potato casserole.  YUM!

To celebrate a great Thanksgiving day we went SWIMMING! Before we headed out to the pool I snapped a quick picture of my sis and her family.  I like to call this picture: Allegretto sandwich. :) So cute!

We went to Blowing Rock on the 2nd day.  I LOVED Blowing Rock!! :)  We had lunch at a cute cafe when we first got there.

We did a little shopping afterwards.  Check out these adorable ballet flats I got at the cutest boutique called Celeste's.  

Only 20 bucks!

After we left Blowing Rock we headed to Valle Crucis to check out the original Mast General Store.  This store's been around since 1883.  

 Original Mast General Store Valle Crucis North Carolina

There's a post office inside that still operates today.  

Next we checked out the school house next door.

Look who we found inside! :)

One of my favorite things we did the entire trip was when I made smores with James and Royce.  We had so much fun!! :)

 Hanging around before smores.

 I could eat her up!  She is so cute!! :)

A few more fun pics to share.

Our 4 day "bacation"as my niece called it was WONDERFUL!  For sure one of the best Thanksgivings I've had since I was a little girl at my grandparent's house.