Monday, January 16, 2012

Things that make me terribly happy

1.  A long weekend with three sleep ins--No school today for MLK. :)
2. Naps--nothing less than 2 hours
3. That first sip of coffee when you've put just the right amount of creamer in your cup.
4. My February 8th track out quickly approaching.
5.  Pushing my body physically and seeing that I can run farther than I ever thought.
6.  Snuggling children
7.  my iPhone (it's just too fun not to love!)
8.  Talking to my little sister, Dominique everyday.  
9.  When I hear a new song and I'm sure it was written just for me.
10. NYC in March.  


  1. sleep in weekends are just the best! and yes iPhones are way way too fun not to love xx

  2. I think all of those items on your list are quite fab!!!

  3. Love the list. Morning coffee, mixed just right, is one of my favorites too.


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