Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Instagramming Fun

I think it's okay to admit that I am completely and totally in LOVE with Instagram.  I've mentioned this app more than once on my blog.  It's just so cool fun rad awesome AMAZING!  I can make collages, add captions, create reflections, apply filters, and I'm sure there's way more you can do that I haven't stumbled across yet!  I can take a drab photo and bring it to life.  Make you go,  "Ohhhh wow, what a cool picture!!"  

The really cool thing about this app (besides being F-R-E-E) is you don't even have to take the picture using the app itself.  Take it on your camera phone or take a picture using another app and then later gussy it up in Instagram or just upload it as is.  Lots of options! You can also follow your friends or other people and see how artistic they can be with their photos. 

 I recommend adding the app on your iPhone and playing around with it.

Take a peek at the fun I've been having.

**The photos in Alaska were taken by my little sister and texted to me.  I added the text later.  There was no reason to apply a filter.  Why would I ever change such beauty?!

cozy, Sunday night fire

Megan and me at Mura in North Hills--Raleigh, NC

mura martini
lemon twist martini


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