Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I may need an intervention

I've turned into an Instagram fanatic.  

I can't stop!

I'm often thinking--"I should Instagram that."

And when there is nothing cool around I just take pictures of myself.  Not because I am a complete narcissist, but because I can add filters, borders, and effects to make myself look really cool.  Way cooler than I look in real life. ;)

Check out my past few days according to Instagram.

 That cutie at the top is my good friend and running partner, Erin.  

I took these photos of my siblings in WV over Christmas, but created this collage while I was sitting in a waiting room last week.  The app I used to create the collage is called Frametastic.  I added labels using the app Labelbox.  I added the filter last in Instagram.

I snapped this photo of my niece at a stop light last week.  I added the cool bubble effect using the app Phototreats.
P.S. I could kiss her to death!!

fun decor pics

ME!!  After an 11 mile run Sunday and before work today.

flowerbed outside the school I teach at

I keep this picture of my sister, Tiffany in my car.  My family lost her at a young age.  I think about her everyday.

The picture on the left is the original.  The picture on the right was created with the app Snapbucket.

A before and after of the tastiest cookies I've ever eaten.  Again, I used the Snapbucket app to add filters, effects, and a frame.  

That eye belongs to me. :)

They make my life so much better.  

Okay bloggies----get out your iPhones and install these awesome photo apps!!  And while you're at it, try VintageCam, Pic Stitch (another collage app), Pici Booth, and Reflection.  

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  1. I have a few photo apps for my droid and LOVE them! I don't post them as often as I should....gotta get on that!
    Love all the pics!


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