Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tarheel 10 Miler--April 21, 2012

On Saturday I ran the Tarheel 10 Miler in Chapel Hill for the 2nd year in a row.  First of all I have to say it was MUCH WARMER this year and secondly, the race blew my mind with its overall awesomeness. :) Last year I pretty much ran the race cold.  I did some training here and there, but really wasn't prepared to run.  You can read about last year's 10 miler here. 

So anyway, this year the course was a little different.  The race started and finished inside Kenan Stadium.  I liked that people could hang out in the stands while the runners were out killing the race.  One thing that was the same as last year was Laurel Hill between miles 8.5 and 9.  Rough.  But I've trained hills enough now to work through them and remind myself that recovery is coming sooner than later.  I just loved zooming past everyone who was walking at that point.  No way was I going to walk that hill! 

Here I am before the race started.

The race was great minus my right shin aching pretty much the whole run and REALLY having to use the bathroom.  I guess I shouldn't have had so much to drink beforehand!  ;)  I couldn't believe it when I got to the halfway point.  It didn't seem possible to have already covered 5 miles.  The rest of the race breezed by and before I knew it I was done and had my medal.

My official time last year was 1:48:41.  This year I ran the race in 1:39:53. I shed close to 9 minutes off my time.  WOW!  I was just hoping to take off 5 minutes.  I ran a 9:59 pace and am super proud of that.  Back in October I ran the American Tobacco Trail 10 Miler in 1:40:24 and that course was completely flat.  I'm pretty excited that I was able to beat both my times for my two previous 10 milers. :)

I'll definitely be running this 10 miler again next spring. :)


  1. YAYAYAY congrats! looks like a fun race! :)

  2. Congrats Ashley!!!! You are doing an amazing job with all these races.

  3. Well done! Keep up the great work


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