Monday, April 30, 2012

To tri or not to tri? tri baby!!!

Yup, this girl is gonna do 1st triathlon.  Holllly cowza!! 

Now the running....well that's gonna be easy peaz...I run 10ks for breakfast!!! ;)  But the biking and that's going to take some work.  But I've just been reminding myself how much I struggled with running in the beginning and how much I love it now. I'm hoping for the same outcome with biking and swimming. 

For the background:

I never had a bike growing up.  Weird, I know.  So I wasn't one of those kids that spent hours riding around the neighborhood.  Where I lived we really didn't have a good bike riding area.  And honestly,  I never really had a desire to have a bike.  When I did finally learn to ride a bike I was in the 4th grade.  I taught myself on a gravel road.  Not really the best place to learn.  I had lots of cuts and scrapes when I finished,  but I figured it out.  It's probably been a good ten years since I've been on a bike.  You can imagine my confidence level at this point. 

Now about swimming.  I grew up with an inground pool in my backyard.  I spent hours in that pool with my sisters jumping off the diving board, playing water games, and getting super tan.  Maybe this is the reason I didn't worry about a bike as a kiddo.  But looking back on all those years of swimming, I'm really not that great of a swimmer.  Sure I can tread water (that makes me think about a Nada Surf song called Treading Waterand doggie paddle, but to actually know swimming strokes...negative.  So this too is a problem.

My dear friend, Erin is the reason I am going for the tri to begin with.  I've always had a desire to do one, but with no bike and poor swimming skills it's not like I was jumping at the idea.  Erin's going to be doing two triathlons within the next 5 months.  Kuddos to homegirl!!!! She started talking to me about doing one and well, I got excited!  And so, on September 22nd I'm going to be doing the Wilmington YMCA Triathlon.  It's a sprint so I'll be doing a 1,500 meter swim, 12 mile bike ride, and 3.1 mile run (5k).  This is perfect for me since it's my first one.  Ahhhh, I just got really nervous thinking about it!  EEK!!!! 

Anyway, back to Erin.  SHE ROCKS!!!  She has two road bikes and is letting me use one of them.  She even hooked me up with a helmet and water bottle.  She's very patient too, this one!  She gave me a bike 101 course yesterday and spent a good 45 minutes helping me get acquainted with the bike in the parking lot by her house.  She even sacrificed the place she originally wanted to ride because after falling off the bike 30 seconds after I got on, she realized I wasn't ready to ride on the road.  (Thanks, doll!)

After our bike ride at Harris Lake, Erin went with me pick out a bathing suit, goggles, and swim cap.  Thanks, girlie! She knows how inexperienced I am with correct swimming strokes and so she plans to coach me with this too.   I love that she is so willing to teach me.  It makes me feel really great having her as a friend.  She's always teaching me new things and I really appreciate her for all she does for me!!

I'll be keeping y'all updated on my progress, and of course I'll post any cool scrapes and bruises I get when I fall off my bike again. Because folks, I can guarantee there's more falls to come!


  1. You're crazy but I love you anyway. I wish i had your dedication.

  2. So proud of you!!! You are such an inspiration to me.

  3. Eshk, good luck! I remember trying to swim at the Olympic pool in college and made about 5 laps and was done. I realized swimming for 'fun' wasn't for me! I'll stick to the land sports. xoxo

  4. definitely! I've followed you on google
    your blog is lovely by the way,waiting you on my blog xxx


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